Friday, March 7, 2008

Outrageous Homeschool Ruling!

If you are homeschooling or are interested in homeschooling or just support those who might fit into either category you have to know what has happened. While listening to today's broadcast of Focus on the Family, I learned about a ruling in California regarding homeschooling. They took a case against one family and ruled against them being able to home school their own child/children because they weren't certified. I am not sure about the ins and outs of the case but here is where the major problem lies. The judges apparently "published" the law which means that it isn't just for the one family, but for all homeschooling families. The law tells them now that they can't home school unless the parent is a certified teacher. That knocks out a lot of homeschooling families. When the child gets to secondary school, the parent would have to be certified in every field in order to teach their child. You should go listen to the broadcast! Here is a link for it.

Also, the Home School Legal Defense Association has a link on their website where you can sign a petition for the law to be "de-published" meaning the law would only affect that one family and the other 200,000 kids that are home schooled in the state of California could continue with their education at home. Please think very hard about signing the petition. Here is the link. You don't have to be a California resident to sign. After all, who knows who will try to take this nationwide in the coming years!


Heather said...

I'm pulling Cailey out and homeschooling her and Braden next year. NC is SOO lax about their homeschooling laws..but I'll definitely sign for the CA people! Are you planning on Homeschooling?

Nan said...

Yes I am. I signed in support of those in CA and so that it doesn't spread across the country anytime soon!

Sarah said...

That really is ridiculous. While I am a public school teacher and will be sending our future kids to public school (because I'll be picking their school and teachers I might add!), at least in elementary school, I think that it is a parental decision AND being a public school teacher, I know that there sure are a lot of bad certified teachers in the field. Many parents who have not been to college for teaching would do better than some veteran teachers do. I signed it, Nan!