Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm It (Tag!)

OK, I have been secretly hoping that NOBODY would tag me. After all, the blogs that I have been reading have all been tagged and now I have nobody to tag when I finish. Also, I am having a hard time coming up with 7 strange things about myself. And no, I am not "above" thinking that I am all that normal. I go....

1. I don't have a middle name, or didn't until I got married. My parents gave me this really short first name and my mom figured that I would drop a middle name when I got married so she didn't give us one. Apparently my dad didn't mind either. So, my full name for almost 25 years of my life was only 7 letters long! Get this, my sisters was only 6! Cool huh? I think not having to drop a name really helped me to transition to being married and never feeling like I lost my identity.

2. I am the only person as far back as I can go, on either side of my family, that was born north of the Mason-Dixon line. But, I wouldn't call myself a Yankee either. More like a Mid-westerner, but I ate grits and said "ya'll" growing up in Milwaukee. If that doesn't make me strange, I don't know what will.

3. While trying to compose a list of 7 things, I kept forgetting them. So, I started saying them into the voice recorder on my phone so I could remember. Hey.... momnesia!

4. I have so far never broken a bone!

5. I had oral surgery when I was nine. I got my mom's bad gums and they did a gum graft to help me save my gum line and my teeth. I remember drinking some sweet tea that night from a Care Bear glass that was part of a series, probably from Pizza Hut. I am talking 1985-1986 here folks!

6. I have a husband who is a certified diver, a licensed pilot, firefighter and EMT. I have never been diving, never flown in a plane smaller than a 50 seater, only rode around the station on the fire truck a few weeks ago (only because the boys wanted to, I was protesting deep down) and can't stand the sight of blood, other than when it is coming from my precious boys. I am soooo not adventurous!

7. I love to make schedules. LOVE to! The only problem is that I don't ever follow them. I get so gung-ho about something for a few days and then I get overwhelmed and then stop. The only schedule I still stick to is bedtimes for the boys. I am such a stickler! I get upset when the boys are in the bed five minutes late. Seriously. Not funny!

So, there you have it folks. Maybe I am stranger than I realize. Sorry to end the game of tag. I just don't know anyone else to tag.


Caroline said...

I have never broken a bone either, YAY for us! Watch, now I'll trip and break my leg or something. I hope not, OUCH! You are weird, it just takes someone normal like me to notice and tell you!

Sarah said...

Nan, I am so sorry to have tagged you...are you mad that I did? I hope not...I was just thinking of someone fun to tag. :)

Nan said...

No worries. I wa just worried I would have a hard time coming up with 7 things. It was fun Sarah! Thanks!

Heather said...

Haven't broken a bone either! Also with you on the schedules:)

Randy & Melissa said...

hey nan. it's fun hearing about things with you! i love hearing how "strange" you are, too...but definitely no more than me. but i'm still glad that you got tagged!