Monday, March 17, 2008

The Highs and Lows of Monday

The Highs of Monday:

Jacob is now tall enough to ride a 12"bike with the seat all the way down. Here he is on Jonathan's. We wanted to do a test run to be sure that we could get him a bike for his birthday next month. Also, Jacob is healthy!
The Lows:

Jonathan came down with a fever last night after our really fun weekend. He was complaining of his stomach hurting so we didn't know what it could be. He ASKED to go to the doctor's office this morning. I took him. He has strep throat. Apparently in children, it presents as a fever, stomach ache and headache before they complain about their throat hurting. Luckily, the doc is a family friend and she gave us an "extra dose" to use to help keep Jacob from getting it. We will keep Jonathan home again for one more day to let him gain his strength after not eating for over 24 hours. We did get some food in his tonight. He threw up on my coat in Target. If that isn't a low, I don't know what is. It wasn't my favorite coat and I gave it to him, so I guess you shouldn't feel sorry for me. It really wasn't a big deal. It is amazing the stomach and the grace that God gives when you children aren't feeling well!

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