Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Day In The Woods

Well, Jonathan, my 4 year old, had his first trip into the woods to hunt today. Jacob had to stay at home, which he thought was the worst thing ever! Jonathan was so excited. Anytime he goes to the woods he thinks that he is supposed to have a Sundrop and a honey bun, so of course, Frank "had" to indulge and get them for him. They then went to "Empire."Jonathan had to burn off some steam so he ran around in the woods for a while. He then wanted to ride the 4 wheeler, but only with Papa. However, Papa needed to "rest" so Daddy and Jonathan rode together to a ridge where they parked themselves for a little while. Jonathan got to listen for deer and squirrels. They think a deer "skulked" away while they were non-hunting terms that means that they spooked it. After that, Jonathan got to shoot a .22 rifle. Did I mention that this is my 4 YEAR OLD LITTLE BOY!!!!!!!! It was time to go to the tree stand to watch for the deer. Jonathan climbed into his first tree stand and then fell asleep (about 10 minutes into the watch). Did I mention that he is my "little boy"??? About 20 minutes later, Papa shot and killed a hog so I went out to pick up Jonathan from Empire

This was a milestone for me, for Jonathan, for all of us. The day was wrapped up with a slumber party at Grandma and Papa's house.

It was hard and fun to watch Jonathan climb into the jeep, orange hat and all. I must admit that part of me is looking forward to the day that Frank can take both of the boys hunting from sun up to sun for me!!!! Oh, and a mani-pedi. Having boys doesn't make me less of a woman right?

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Intro

Well, I am going to try this. I have been reading some blogs written by friends and it just seems like a great outlet. A friend suggested that I start a blog to do some documenting. We have been through some interesting things with Jonathan's allergy medicines and think we have discovered that he suffers from some not so fun side effects from the meds and have begun a journey of trying to find a natural way to get him through his allergies. So that is the why. We shall see where this goes...