Wednesday, February 25, 2009


grrrrr....blogger just messed me up! home with all my boys! will post when i can think straight.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

jacob update

jacob will be at the hospital again tonight. he threw up just after noon today and so they want to keep him overnight on an iv again. they will unhook the iv at 7am tomorrow and see how he does. keep praying please.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Jacob is being admitted to the hospital right now and I will be up there soon. His blood sugar is really low because of the stomach bug...getting twice I guess. Please pray.

Weekly Review, AKA Puke Fest '09


OK, with that being said, here we go.

Monday...I went to the gym and had a great cardio workout! Jonathan had school and read the word "strength" all by himself!

Tuesday...weigh in day (up 0.4 pounds)...had a major battle with myself and was pretty upset, but picked myself up and decided to not worry too much.

Wednesday...Jonathan woke up after puking in his bed, 30 minutes later our bed (note to anyone who cares...when your child is throwing up, put a blanket on the couch and don't put them in your bed!!!). He continued to throw up for the next several hours. We gave fluids and crackers the way we were supposed to and then, in hindsight, let him have a little to much control of the fluids and he ended up throwing up at 6:30pm. We assumed he was fine and off to bed he went an hour later. He puked at 10:30 in his bed, the top bunk, and it ran down onto Jacob's head! Yes...GROSS!!! They both went to the bath and Jacob into our bed, Jonathan and I to the couch.

Thursday...after a very restless night of sleep for me, Manly Man called his mom to come stay with the boys so I could sleep a little. I took a nap and woke up and had round one of diarrhea. "Hmmmm" I thought. Didn't eat much, ran to get new pillows since I didn't want to wash any more laundry (8 loads of bed linens in one day will do that to you) and came back and took another nap. Then my diarrhea continued and the throwing up began! I mean are you for real!!! My throwing up only last a couple of hours...guessing because it was coming out of both ends! My mil was able to stay until Manly Man was able to leave work and come home at 7pm. gets better! At 10:30pm we are woken up to Jacob guessed it didn't you? Yep, he puked in his bed! What do you expect when you are thrown up on in your sleep! Manly Man stayed up with him all night so I could sleep.

Friday...Jacob finally stopped puking at 6:30am and we started fluids at 8am. He handled them great and the day turned out to be really lazy, but vomit free!

Saturday...since the boys were not throwing up and had enough energy, we took them to a birthday party for a friend of theirs. The didn't eat a thing! Then they went to the train museum and Manly Man took them for a little ice cream. That night, Jonathan had a little diarrhea, but not too much.

Sunday...Jacob cries for me from the bathroom at 6:30am because he has thrown up! Seriously? I couldn't believe it! He threw up 2 more times and then we got fluids started. I was nervous for a little while because he was complaining of his neck hurting...big time meningitis symptom. I talked to the doctor on call and we figured out it could be a recurrence of the stomach flu or strep, but since there was no fever, probably not strep. I decided not to take him to the doctor, and he did well with his fluids, until late in the night...but that is a new week! But seriously, Manly Man took him to the doctor and we are currently (as of 10:30am Monday) waiting to hear if they want to admit him for dehydration or anything like that. Please pray.

All and all, a pretty gross week at our house.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Help Needed, From Moms Of Boys

Ever walk past the kids' bathroom and take a sniff? Notice that distinct aroma? That one that makes you think you boys' just peed on the counter, the floor and the wall? The smell of urine is NASTY! And I could smell it in our living room the other day! I even looked on the couch, just to be sure! (No pee there, thankfully!)
Any moms of boys, or just moms, have advice on getting the boys aim better? My boys can both aim, they just get lazy or turn their heads because they hear something, or who knows. I don't really want to have to mess with the whole "pee on the cheerio" thing. Something about keeping cheerios in the bathroom just doesn't sound good. Knowing my boys, they would eat them while peeing! They really aren't quite big enough to clean it up yet either!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dessert Please!

We here have a sweet tooth. We, this time, really means all four of us. I was reading an article in Family Circle that had a great idea about kids and dessert that I wanted to pass on to you. One doctor allows her children to have dessert ONLY if they have had 3 servings of fruits and/or veggies during the day. BRILLIANT!
Do your kids get dessert and are there conditions attached?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

View Finders...The New CD?

The boys have always gone to sleep with a fan for white noise and a little music to keep them company. We started Jonathan on some Chris Rice 5 and a half years ago! Sometime ago, the cd player stopped playing. It wouldn't open, change cds or anything! We finally took it out of there room and it found itself parked in our room, under the tv, gathering dust...a lot of dust! We figured since it was Manly Man's cd player from college it was dead, but we wanted to get our cds out.

Well, today was the day! While I was teaching math to Jonathan, Manly Man asked me to see something, when I had a chance. I went and saw what the culprit was. A view finder card thingy! Apparently, Jacob (I assume...that would be a Jacob kind of thing to do) stuck it into the cd player...perhaps thinking it would play? Jacob, at least it is round like a cd...
And Holly, thanks for the encouraging are too sweet! I miss and love you too!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Weekly Review

I have been struggling with what to write. Who out there in blog land hasn't? I keep thinking that I need to do what my friend Ainsley does...short fun posts. She is so good at them! For some reason I feel a pressure to have fun things to say, great photos to post, and other self-inflicted standards! I have even told myself that if I had a phone that I could blog from, that would help! How crazy am I???

I am going to try to post each Monday with a "weekly review" to show what we have been up to that week. Maybe I will post more often than that...who knows! I hope to, but I have to get rid of the pressure I put on myself.

Without further delay...

Monday...getting over colds, so no yoga for me!

Tuesday...weigh in day, lost .2 pounds

Wednesday...Manly Man home ALL day, we played in the park....a blast!

Thursday...God answered my prayer for giving me what I needed to care for the babies at Bible study in the morning with three sleeping babies...He amazed me that He knows what I need, even when I don't! Jonathan read a story that had 14 sentences! Not three word sentences either! My three boys each got me one rose for Valentine's...too sweet!

Friday...the kids had a Valentines party at our house and it was a great time! 8 kids, 3 babies, 5 big blessing! I got the Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga DVD and did it this morning was WONDERFUL!

Saturday...the day of love, Manly Man at the fire station for the second half of a double shift; a little sore from Friday's yoga...but a good sore! in the morning, great sermon at church and dinner with some great and fun friends!