Tuesday, February 17, 2009

View Finders...The New CD?

The boys have always gone to sleep with a fan for white noise and a little music to keep them company. We started Jonathan on some Chris Rice 5 and a half years ago! Sometime ago, the cd player stopped playing. It wouldn't open, change cds or anything! We finally took it out of there room and it found itself parked in our room, under the tv, gathering dust...a lot of dust! We figured since it was Manly Man's cd player from college it was dead, but we wanted to get our cds out.

Well, today was the day! While I was teaching math to Jonathan, Manly Man asked me to see something, when I had a chance. I went and saw what the culprit was. A view finder card thingy! Apparently, Jacob (I assume...that would be a Jacob kind of thing to do) stuck it into the cd player...perhaps thinking it would play? Jacob, at least it is round like a cd...
And Holly, thanks for the encouraging are too sweet! I miss and love you too!

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Holly said...

OK - now that's too funny!!!! I love it!!! It makes sense to me... cd's round - view finder thingy round - why not?? LOVE IT!! I miss you too and love you tons!!