Friday, February 20, 2009

Help Needed, From Moms Of Boys

Ever walk past the kids' bathroom and take a sniff? Notice that distinct aroma? That one that makes you think you boys' just peed on the counter, the floor and the wall? The smell of urine is NASTY! And I could smell it in our living room the other day! I even looked on the couch, just to be sure! (No pee there, thankfully!)
Any moms of boys, or just moms, have advice on getting the boys aim better? My boys can both aim, they just get lazy or turn their heads because they hear something, or who knows. I don't really want to have to mess with the whole "pee on the cheerio" thing. Something about keeping cheerios in the bathroom just doesn't sound good. Knowing my boys, they would eat them while peeing! They really aren't quite big enough to clean it up yet either!


Teesa said...

My friend just told me his sister makes all the boys in the house sit down as long as they're at home. Apparently her husband was raised with the same rules. I am not sure if it would work to do it for a short time, until they can "promise" not to pee on everything, but maybe it is something you can try?

I heard you weren't feeling well. HOpe you feel better by now!

Holly said...

When I was teachinig, we got these stick on things you put in the toilet bowl. You turn off the water, and flush, dry the basin and stick them on. They were sharks or some other sort of fish I think. Anyway, it seemed to work for them at school. For now Luke ususally does pretty well... I'm waiting to have this problem myself!

Ainsley said...

I will be no help. I will just say that you are not alone. Lord help us moms of boys!

Carrie said...

I know this is an old post but I just have to add a comment-cheerios! We put them in the toilet and try to sink them! Jake loved it when he was potty training...We also have Clorox wipes under the sink...If you miss you clean it up!