Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekly Review, AKA Puke Fest '09


OK, with that being said, here we go.

Monday...I went to the gym and had a great cardio workout! Jonathan had school and read the word "strength" all by himself!

Tuesday...weigh in day (up 0.4 pounds)...had a major battle with myself and was pretty upset, but picked myself up and decided to not worry too much.

Wednesday...Jonathan woke up after puking in his bed, 30 minutes later our bed (note to anyone who cares...when your child is throwing up, put a blanket on the couch and don't put them in your bed!!!). He continued to throw up for the next several hours. We gave fluids and crackers the way we were supposed to and then, in hindsight, let him have a little to much control of the fluids and he ended up throwing up at 6:30pm. We assumed he was fine and off to bed he went an hour later. He puked at 10:30 in his bed, the top bunk, and it ran down onto Jacob's head! Yes...GROSS!!! They both went to the bath and Jacob into our bed, Jonathan and I to the couch.

Thursday...after a very restless night of sleep for me, Manly Man called his mom to come stay with the boys so I could sleep a little. I took a nap and woke up and had round one of diarrhea. "Hmmmm" I thought. Didn't eat much, ran to get new pillows since I didn't want to wash any more laundry (8 loads of bed linens in one day will do that to you) and came back and took another nap. Then my diarrhea continued and the throwing up began! I mean are you for real!!! My throwing up only last a couple of hours...guessing because it was coming out of both ends! My mil was able to stay until Manly Man was able to leave work and come home at 7pm. gets better! At 10:30pm we are woken up to Jacob guessed it didn't you? Yep, he puked in his bed! What do you expect when you are thrown up on in your sleep! Manly Man stayed up with him all night so I could sleep.

Friday...Jacob finally stopped puking at 6:30am and we started fluids at 8am. He handled them great and the day turned out to be really lazy, but vomit free!

Saturday...since the boys were not throwing up and had enough energy, we took them to a birthday party for a friend of theirs. The didn't eat a thing! Then they went to the train museum and Manly Man took them for a little ice cream. That night, Jonathan had a little diarrhea, but not too much.

Sunday...Jacob cries for me from the bathroom at 6:30am because he has thrown up! Seriously? I couldn't believe it! He threw up 2 more times and then we got fluids started. I was nervous for a little while because he was complaining of his neck hurting...big time meningitis symptom. I talked to the doctor on call and we figured out it could be a recurrence of the stomach flu or strep, but since there was no fever, probably not strep. I decided not to take him to the doctor, and he did well with his fluids, until late in the night...but that is a new week! But seriously, Manly Man took him to the doctor and we are currently (as of 10:30am Monday) waiting to hear if they want to admit him for dehydration or anything like that. Please pray.

All and all, a pretty gross week at our house.

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