Saturday, February 14, 2009

Weekly Review

I have been struggling with what to write. Who out there in blog land hasn't? I keep thinking that I need to do what my friend Ainsley does...short fun posts. She is so good at them! For some reason I feel a pressure to have fun things to say, great photos to post, and other self-inflicted standards! I have even told myself that if I had a phone that I could blog from, that would help! How crazy am I???

I am going to try to post each Monday with a "weekly review" to show what we have been up to that week. Maybe I will post more often than that...who knows! I hope to, but I have to get rid of the pressure I put on myself.

Without further delay...

Monday...getting over colds, so no yoga for me!

Tuesday...weigh in day, lost .2 pounds

Wednesday...Manly Man home ALL day, we played in the park....a blast!

Thursday...God answered my prayer for giving me what I needed to care for the babies at Bible study in the morning with three sleeping babies...He amazed me that He knows what I need, even when I don't! Jonathan read a story that had 14 sentences! Not three word sentences either! My three boys each got me one rose for Valentine's...too sweet!

Friday...the kids had a Valentines party at our house and it was a great time! 8 kids, 3 babies, 5 big blessing! I got the Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga DVD and did it this morning was WONDERFUL!

Saturday...the day of love, Manly Man at the fire station for the second half of a double shift; a little sore from Friday's yoga...but a good sore! in the morning, great sermon at church and dinner with some great and fun friends!


Ainsley said...

I love doing yoga and pilates. I have a video that mixes them both and I love it. I think when I did that consistently I felt the best I ever have.

Tarrah said...

I get in those funks all the time. I love these kind of little short and sweet posts :) We had a great time last night also :)

Holly said...

Nan - you gotta remember that for people like me and the rest of us in the Boro - we don't care if it's funny, or short or long or whatever - this is a way to stay connected to you and your family, so you can write about what you and the boys did in school and I would think it was wonderful! Or you could tell about doing laundry - I would thing that was great too!! Miss you and love being connected to you and yours this way!

Anonymous said...

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