Friday, February 29, 2008

Jakey's Spunk

A few days ago, Jacob was dragging his feet about taking a nap. He still needs it, but puts up a fight (not a big one, just a little protesting), mostly for show. I asked if he wanted me to tuck him into the bed (Jonathan's) and he told me "no." I said OK and told him I loved him and to have a good nap. About 30 minutes later, I went to check on him. This is what I found...

So, now his favorite place to take a nap is on the floor and has done so most of this week. I am not sure how is doesn't hurt him, I guess he is just so little. I believe that this is something that my mom would tell me that I would do. She constantly laughs at the things Jacob does and says, "Payback." Apparently, I used to have a little spunk and be a bit conniving.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Dreamy Valentine's Date

I finally got to have my Valentine's Day date. After having been diagnosed with the flu on February 14, we had to postpone the festivities. So, I was really excited to finally feel well enough to be able to go out at night for dinner. Allow me to brag on my husband for a few moments. I knew nothing about our date, other than how I needed to dress...nice, and cute. Frank picked the restaurant, The George on the Riverwalk, which we had been to once before. He called them and told them that he wanted to bring me in for dinner for our Valentine's because I had been so sick over the true holiday. He asked if they could make the table a little special. The manager said they could, and that dinner would be on the house. Frank ran an errand on Tuesday afternoon after I got my hair cut. When we got to the restaurant, there was a table set up for us with a single long stem rose in the vase. You see, I think that one rose is way better than a dozen...I can't explain it, but I bet that a lot of you agree! We were seated at our table and our server brought out a bottle of my favorite wine. A few minutes later came the bread basket. I felt like something was a little weird, but I couldn't quite figure it out. (We never got menus...cut me some slack, I had been sick for almost 4 weeks!!!) Then came our food. You see, Frank had taken my one rose over to the restaurant, and pre-ordered all our food. This is something he has never done before. I have to say, he did a great job and I really enjoyed it. They then served us Bananas Foster. I had never had a flaming dessert until then, and it was yummy, but I was so full from dinner that I didn't eat much. After dinner we left and Frank asked me how I felt about getting my feet sandy. I told him that I was just along for the ride and fun. (I hate to walk on the beach at night because of sand crabs, so this was a big deal for me to be OK with getting my feet sandy.) He was joking though (Thank You Lord!).

Our next stop was the AmeriStay hotel in Wilmington. Our friend is the general manager and he gave us a deal on a room with a jacuzzi in it. Frank had packed a bag while I was getting my hair cut and had everything I needed. So, we stayed in a hotel Tuesday night and I didn't have to take my children to the bathroom, get them a sip of water, find lambkin, or get crabs out of a bed either (see prior post here). However, there were some really load folks that woke me up around 2am. Oh well.

So, I was doted upon. And, I must say that I loved it! I hope this is something that we get to do a little more often, even just every 6 months or so. Frank told me at the beginning of our date that his goal was to make me fall in love with him all over again. My darlin', it worked. I love you so much. Thank you for a wonderful Valentine's. You rock!

I Ran....I Ran So Far Away....

OK, I didn't run away! I did run though. For the first time in at least 2 and a half weeks. It felt so good. I was prepared to have to stop in case I got weak or dizzy, but none of that! I was so thankful for the sweat that I broke into. I think that was the first real non-sick related sweat since I got sick. I learned something about me and running while I was sick. I really enjoy it. I feel good when I run. I feel really good after I run. It feels good to run. All a little different. But, I RAN!!!

Jonathan's Pearly Whites

Jonathan went to the dentist yesterday. This was his third visit, second cleaning. Yes, he had a cavity. The first visit, the light really bothered him, so they were able to clean and check his teeth without it. This time, I had him bring his sunglasses (OK, I brought them). I told him that if the light was still too bright, he could just close his eyes. He did an awesome job! I was so proud of him for using such self-control! He said he "loved that chair" as he was getting out of it. Of course, the best thing for him was that he got a treat bag which contained a new toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, a car and a sticker. He was in hog heaven. The best thing for Jakey...he got to watch and meet "Mr. Slurpie" this time. No cleaning for him yet, but he still got a goodie bag. Best thing for me...NO CAVITIES! That made me happy!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The New Do

So after a fiasco at the hair salon this past weekend, I was able to finally get my hair cut, after 9 months! I was even given some "products" to make up for the fiasco. So, here is what I looked like before (picture taken by Jonathan)...

And here is the after, again with the picture taken by Jonathan...

So, I have chopped off my hair again. Frank is OK with it I think. I know that he likes it long, but I think that it makes my face look bigger than it is and makes me look too young.

I like my hair I think. But looking at the two pictures makes me really start to critique myself. I hate that about me, that I can't seem to ever just be pleased with how God made me. I can try to convince myself that it is because I want to be the best me that God has in store, but it really is just the creation grumbling at the Creator. Never a good place to be. One day, I pray, that I will look in the mirror and really believe Psalm 139, that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I hope that day is sooner instead of later.

On a much lighter note, I cut Jakey's hair last night. He wouldn't sit still and now he looks like a jar head (marine). That is not a bad thing, if he was a marine and at least 18 years old! But at almost 3? It looks silly. I now have to figure out how to fix it!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Jonathan's Crabby Dream

Yesterday ended a wonderful visit with GG. We all had a great time and I really enjoyed the extra rest on Sunday morning since I had done too much on Friday and Saturday. GG got the boys Milo and Otis. For those of you who haven't seen it, it is a movie about a cat and a dog who go on an adventure. The entire movie is narrated by Dudley Moore, which makes it not a lot of fun for adults to watch, but I don't think that the boys even noticed that. In the movie, Milo (the cat) gets pinched on the nose by a crab and Otis (the dog) gets pinched on the hiney by a lobster. The boys watched the first 30 minutes last night before they went to bed. Around 2:45am, Jonathan woke up and came to our room. He wanted to sleep in our bed and I told him that I would lay down in his bed with him until he went back to sleep. This is a rare occurrence by the way. I walk him to his room and he tells me there are crabs in his bed that are pinching him. Then, he proceeds to drop his lambkin and say that it is pinching him too. This was the first really visual dream that he has had. It took a sit in the chair, an hour in our bed and then finally the couch to get him back to sleep. I had a lot of sympathy for him. When I was about 6 years old, I had a dream that scared me so badly that I just laid in my bed, too scared to move. I dreamed I was bitten by a rattle snake. When it bit, I felt a pain shoot through my leg. I finally got enough courage to jump out of my bed and go to my mom and dad's room. They made it all better, but I am now thankful for that dream, 25 years later. I am glad that I remembered it, because I know how real the dream was for Jonathan.

On a better note, both the boys went back to school today, finally. I went to the gym for a walk. After, I felt a little weak. Just goes to show how three and a half weeks of illness can really wreak havoc on a person. I was hoping to get in a run at the end of the week, but I am not sure if I will be able to.

The best note, Frank is taking me out for our Valentine's dinner tomorrow night. I am glad that we are finally going to be able to celebrate!! I just hope that I can rest tomorrow so I don't fall asleep at 8pm.

Friday, February 22, 2008

The February NOT To Remember

This has been the most amazing February ever I think. Remember the post about my year of health? I am not doubting that the Lord really put that on my heart, but it has been a tough go. Here is a brief summary...
On January 30ish, I woke up with a sore throat that turned into a dry hacking cough. It didn't want to go away and it was keeping me up at night. Then, my precious great aunt died on February 2nd. She was an amazing lady and had the spunk of her father, my great grandfather. My sister came here on February 4th and we drove to Orangeburg SC together, leaving at 7pm, arriving there at 11pm. That was an adventure ("Deliverance " anyone?). The next morning we drove on down to GA for the funeral and had lunch at the church. Le and I then drove back to Wilmington, making an hour detour to get my pillow, which I forgot at the hotel. Le reminds me that only 13 minutes where her fault (the KFC drive-thru was sooo slow). So, I drove 800 miles in 24 hours. The next morning, I went to the doctor because my cough was NOT going away. They told me I had an upper respiratory infection. That flashed me back to college. Didn't we all have that, about 100 times? Life continued and I continued to function, but not get a lot of sleep. Jacob came down with conjunctivitis on February 11th. On February 12th, he went back to the doctor because he had an ear infection. The night of the 13th, I felt like I had been hit by a dump truck. In the middle of the night, my fever started. Went to the doctor on the morning of the 14th and found out that I had the flu. Yep! The flu on Valentine's Day. How you like them apples? Back to bed I went. I coughed through my non-sleep and tried to get better. February 17th, Jonathan started to run a fever. On the 18th, I took him to the doctor and he had the flu. Thank you Lord that Jacob and Frank were still OK! Jonathan functioned fine on ibuprofen and kept on going. The next morning, he woke up with no fever and has been great ever since. On the morning of 20th, I went back to the doctor (yes, third visit in three weeks, not counting my trip to the urgent care to find out that I had a $50 ulcer in my mouth) because I had coughed for 2 hours straight the night before. Turns out, I now have bronchitis! I am finally starting to get some sleep now. I actually feel OK today. So, you think maybe the Lord could cut me some slack right now? He does, everyday he grants grace and mercy! I can't wait to feel 100% again so that I can do the things that I had really started to enjoy, one of them being running. I think the 5k will be out for me in March, but if it is, that is OK because I will be one in April instead.
So, I would really like to strike February 2008 from the calendar of life forever. I know, that is a little harsh. I am trying really hard to find some nugget to make it all worth while. Maybe it was buying a dress for a girl's birthday party that we are going to tomorrow. I still looking at the girl clothes so it was really fun for me! I hope she likes it!
How about you? Have you ever had a month that you wanted to strike from your calendar of life?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

For Valentine's Day...

(Part 3)...15 things I love about Frank

1. Your smile that melts my heart.

2. Those blues that you passed on to our boys.

3. Your unconditional love for me.

4. Your love of worship.

5. That you rush into the fire when everyone else is rushing out. You are my hero.

6. That you can cook, and not mind it. And, you are good at it.

7. That when I am sick, you don't care what the house looks like.

8. That you think the house is fine when I think it is in shambles.

9. That you know how to clean, and are even willing to do it from time to time.

10. That you love our boys unconditionally and that you would do anything for them.

11. That you are willing to tag team "kp" and baths with me, and even letting me pick first.

12. That you are teaching our boys to be chivalrous, just so I know that chivalry is not dead. (Jonathan even opened my van door for me last night).

13. That you support and trust my decisions in raising our boys.

14. That you are willing to do what it takes for me to stay home and fill my calling in life.

15. That you are willing to keep letting God paint the picture for us...only at the Great Feast will we see the finished work, and I know that it will truly be a masterpiece by the Master.

You are still my knight in shining armor. And guess what my darling? I am still an "acts of service" love language. I love you so much, even when I am grumpy at 4am. You rock my world. Happy Valentine's Day!

For Valentine's Day...

(Part 2)...5 things I love about Jonathan

1. His laughter is infectious!
2. His dimple will melt your heart. I pray he doesn't break too many with it when he gets older.
3. He has such a tender and sensitive heart, that shows he really cares.
4. His imagination runs wild!
5. The expression on his face when he finally figures out how to do something...the pride brims over!

Happy Valentine's Day Jonathan! I love you!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

For Valentine's Day...

(Part 1) 5 things I love about Jacob!

1. Who can resist those beautiful blue eyes?
2. His crazy hair when he wakes up in the morning.
3. He gives the sweetest kisses, when he isn't playing with me.
4. His sense of adventure and fearlessness and that it will totally fail him on some occasions.
5. He is my baby boy, and he knows it and does everything that a typical youngest would do and the flashes those baby blues I mentioned in number 1.

Happy Valentine's Day Jake Jake. I love you!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Mr. Harris Teeter Parcle Pick-up Man

THANK YOU! I went to Harris Teeter yesterday right as the bottom was falling out of the sky. I am not complaining about the rain. We are so thankful for it. The only down side to this outing was that I took Jonathan with me. So, we wait for the rain to slack off a bit and run inside, do our shopping and Jonathan gets a cookie. I put his coat on and looked at the sheets of rain falling from the sky and ponder how on earth and I going to make this work. I pushed the cart outside and there was my "hero of the day." His name was Geoff (that is the English spelling of Jeff...I didn't know that until yesteday). He asked if I wanted to use Parcel Pick-up. Silly question, right? I asked if he could keep Jonathan. He said of course. I ran to the van and had to move a cart that was behind it and put it up and then run back to the van. I then pulled up to get Jonathan, who was happy as a pig in mud because he was eating his cookie. What a blessing you were Geoff. Thank you so much for your help! Blessings to you!

Friday, February 1, 2008


After a big afternoon of squirrel hunting with Daddy, Jonathan was tuckered out and begging to go to bed at 6pm. I tucked him in at 7:05pm. He got up this morning at 8:10am, about an hour later than normal. I said to him, "You slept in this morning." He replied, "Tomorrow, I am going to sleep out." Big giggles!!!