Wednesday, February 13, 2008

For Valentine's Day...

(Part 3)...15 things I love about Frank

1. Your smile that melts my heart.

2. Those blues that you passed on to our boys.

3. Your unconditional love for me.

4. Your love of worship.

5. That you rush into the fire when everyone else is rushing out. You are my hero.

6. That you can cook, and not mind it. And, you are good at it.

7. That when I am sick, you don't care what the house looks like.

8. That you think the house is fine when I think it is in shambles.

9. That you know how to clean, and are even willing to do it from time to time.

10. That you love our boys unconditionally and that you would do anything for them.

11. That you are willing to tag team "kp" and baths with me, and even letting me pick first.

12. That you are teaching our boys to be chivalrous, just so I know that chivalry is not dead. (Jonathan even opened my van door for me last night).

13. That you support and trust my decisions in raising our boys.

14. That you are willing to do what it takes for me to stay home and fill my calling in life.

15. That you are willing to keep letting God paint the picture for us...only at the Great Feast will we see the finished work, and I know that it will truly be a masterpiece by the Master.

You are still my knight in shining armor. And guess what my darling? I am still an "acts of service" love language. I love you so much, even when I am grumpy at 4am. You rock my world. Happy Valentine's Day!

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Nan said...

I am your biggest fan!!! I love you so much and can't thank you enough for all you do for our family. You are still "my first smile" and I'm going to make you take some barefooted beach walks with me this summer...AT NIGHT!!!
i'll let you carry a flashlight so you can see what little critters might be waiting to nibble on your toes in the sand. happy valentines to you too baby.