Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Dreamy Valentine's Date

I finally got to have my Valentine's Day date. After having been diagnosed with the flu on February 14, we had to postpone the festivities. So, I was really excited to finally feel well enough to be able to go out at night for dinner. Allow me to brag on my husband for a few moments. I knew nothing about our date, other than how I needed to dress...nice, and cute. Frank picked the restaurant, The George on the Riverwalk, which we had been to once before. He called them and told them that he wanted to bring me in for dinner for our Valentine's because I had been so sick over the true holiday. He asked if they could make the table a little special. The manager said they could, and that dinner would be on the house. Frank ran an errand on Tuesday afternoon after I got my hair cut. When we got to the restaurant, there was a table set up for us with a single long stem rose in the vase. You see, I think that one rose is way better than a dozen...I can't explain it, but I bet that a lot of you agree! We were seated at our table and our server brought out a bottle of my favorite wine. A few minutes later came the bread basket. I felt like something was a little weird, but I couldn't quite figure it out. (We never got menus...cut me some slack, I had been sick for almost 4 weeks!!!) Then came our food. You see, Frank had taken my one rose over to the restaurant, and pre-ordered all our food. This is something he has never done before. I have to say, he did a great job and I really enjoyed it. They then served us Bananas Foster. I had never had a flaming dessert until then, and it was yummy, but I was so full from dinner that I didn't eat much. After dinner we left and Frank asked me how I felt about getting my feet sandy. I told him that I was just along for the ride and fun. (I hate to walk on the beach at night because of sand crabs, so this was a big deal for me to be OK with getting my feet sandy.) He was joking though (Thank You Lord!).

Our next stop was the AmeriStay hotel in Wilmington. Our friend is the general manager and he gave us a deal on a room with a jacuzzi in it. Frank had packed a bag while I was getting my hair cut and had everything I needed. So, we stayed in a hotel Tuesday night and I didn't have to take my children to the bathroom, get them a sip of water, find lambkin, or get crabs out of a bed either (see prior post here). However, there were some really load folks that woke me up around 2am. Oh well.

So, I was doted upon. And, I must say that I loved it! I hope this is something that we get to do a little more often, even just every 6 months or so. Frank told me at the beginning of our date that his goal was to make me fall in love with him all over again. My darlin', it worked. I love you so much. Thank you for a wonderful Valentine's. You rock!


Nan said...

And ya know what my baby, I love you too. Sooooooooo much. Thank you for being the woman of my dreams. I had a GREAT time with you also. Phillippians 1:3 always and forever.

Sarah said...

That was awesome...Frank really loved on your in a an amazing, tangible way. I love it! Go Frank...Go Frank!

Nan said...

By the way folks, I didn't comment on my own posting...the first one was from Frank. He needs to set up his own account so that he can comment, not under my name :)