Friday, February 22, 2008

The February NOT To Remember

This has been the most amazing February ever I think. Remember the post about my year of health? I am not doubting that the Lord really put that on my heart, but it has been a tough go. Here is a brief summary...
On January 30ish, I woke up with a sore throat that turned into a dry hacking cough. It didn't want to go away and it was keeping me up at night. Then, my precious great aunt died on February 2nd. She was an amazing lady and had the spunk of her father, my great grandfather. My sister came here on February 4th and we drove to Orangeburg SC together, leaving at 7pm, arriving there at 11pm. That was an adventure ("Deliverance " anyone?). The next morning we drove on down to GA for the funeral and had lunch at the church. Le and I then drove back to Wilmington, making an hour detour to get my pillow, which I forgot at the hotel. Le reminds me that only 13 minutes where her fault (the KFC drive-thru was sooo slow). So, I drove 800 miles in 24 hours. The next morning, I went to the doctor because my cough was NOT going away. They told me I had an upper respiratory infection. That flashed me back to college. Didn't we all have that, about 100 times? Life continued and I continued to function, but not get a lot of sleep. Jacob came down with conjunctivitis on February 11th. On February 12th, he went back to the doctor because he had an ear infection. The night of the 13th, I felt like I had been hit by a dump truck. In the middle of the night, my fever started. Went to the doctor on the morning of the 14th and found out that I had the flu. Yep! The flu on Valentine's Day. How you like them apples? Back to bed I went. I coughed through my non-sleep and tried to get better. February 17th, Jonathan started to run a fever. On the 18th, I took him to the doctor and he had the flu. Thank you Lord that Jacob and Frank were still OK! Jonathan functioned fine on ibuprofen and kept on going. The next morning, he woke up with no fever and has been great ever since. On the morning of 20th, I went back to the doctor (yes, third visit in three weeks, not counting my trip to the urgent care to find out that I had a $50 ulcer in my mouth) because I had coughed for 2 hours straight the night before. Turns out, I now have bronchitis! I am finally starting to get some sleep now. I actually feel OK today. So, you think maybe the Lord could cut me some slack right now? He does, everyday he grants grace and mercy! I can't wait to feel 100% again so that I can do the things that I had really started to enjoy, one of them being running. I think the 5k will be out for me in March, but if it is, that is OK because I will be one in April instead.
So, I would really like to strike February 2008 from the calendar of life forever. I know, that is a little harsh. I am trying really hard to find some nugget to make it all worth while. Maybe it was buying a dress for a girl's birthday party that we are going to tomorrow. I still looking at the girl clothes so it was really fun for me! I hope she likes it!
How about you? Have you ever had a month that you wanted to strike from your calendar of life?

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