Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Boys' Current Obsession

My boys are REALLY obsessed these days with Beetle Bugs, the VW kind that is. I guess it all started when my mom got Herbie, Fully Loaded. Cute and silly film. The boys loved it and ever since then all they seem to have any interest in is VW Bugs. We watch for them every where that we drive and they always say, "I saw a Beetle Bug." One day last week, Jonathan and I saw 15 of them in about 2 hours! HONEST! We were so amazed that we called to let Jacob know. Jacob was sad because he didn't see them. I think the obsession might be genetic. My dad owned a VW Thing (I think that was the right name). My mom and dad had a VW Bug and a VW Van. My sis had a VW Super Bug. I had a VW Jetta. Frank's mom had a Jetta also that she passed on to their Aunt Zanna. There is just something about a VW that we seem to like. Maybe one day, they can drive one too! That would make me happy!

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