Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Best Laid Plans...

I have sat down at my computer at least a dozen times in the past few days to write, and just can't seem to get my thoughts organized, just like most of my house! I have these great plans and great intentions and great ideas and then they all burst like a balloon. Every once in a while they just slowing leak air, but mostly they burst.

I went to my kitchen the other day, maybe Thursday or Friday and had a hissy fit. I took pictures, which I may post in a few days, of how disorganized and just crappy the kitchen looked. I decided that my kitchen needed some cleaning and then I realized that it needed more than just cleaning. We bought our house new about 3 years ago and haven't done any painting. That means that everything is tacky builder beige in a flat finish. Flat is the worst way to go in a kitchen, if you ever want to cook. Well, we fry and the grease splatters. We cook soup, or spaghetti sauce and it pops. The flat finish isn't washable. No wonder my kitchen looked crappy...why would I want to keep it clean when I couldn't! So, off to Home Depot I went. I told Frank that I wanted to paint the kitchen! I picked out some shades of green and brought the samples home. I started looking at our white cabinets and gray counters and figured out quickly that I needed a lighter shade of green than the ones I had picked. So, we went up one color on the tricolor cards. I settled on Behr paint in Palm Breeze. It is kind of minty green, but doesn't look like a tacky minty green. With the cabinets and counters, my kitchen finally is bright! We are going to add knobs to the cabinets and drawers, and get a few new decorative things to hang. I am really excited about the big reveal to show you in about a week or so! Needless to say, that has kept me busy.

I went for a run today at the beach. Jealous aren't you? Nothing like running The Loop at Wrightsville Beach with a breeze blowing to keep you cool. I ran for a mile. Not bad after not having run for almost a month and never running outside. So, a little disappointed, but still happy.

Right before I got sick, I came up with a great schedule for the boys. I LOVE schedules. Again, something that tends to burst! Anyway, I am finally feeling like I can make some progress and am going to try it again. Jacob is so wanting to do the stuff that Jonathan does, so I got him a book and Jonathan is getting really close to being able to read...he is all about spelling right now. There are some great books made by Kumon that we have been using for about a year with Jonathan. You can find them at Target and Learning Express and I am sure they are available other places too. I hope to get back on track to working at home with the boys.

With that being said, I now have 14 minutes to get a quick shower so that I can work one-on-one with Jonathan before Jacob gets up from his nap. Gotta run!


Heather said...

I also love schedules! How old are your boys now? I'm pulling Cailey out of public school and homeschooling her and my middle child next year:)!! Hope you are well!

Nan said...

Jonathan will be 5 in August and will be homeschooled. Jacob will e 3 next month and is in preschool and we may keep him in preschool next year to help me transition to homeschooling Jonathan.

Sarah said...

You go, Nan! Can't wait to see your pics of your kitchen! Thanks for your message on my post from yesterday. After posting I thought maybe it was too much, but hey, it is MY blog. Gotta be real. Oh well! I love communicating with you so much!