Thursday, March 6, 2008

One Would Think I Would Know By Now!

I am such an IDIOT! No, really. I am an idiot. I am 31 years old. I should know this by now. REALLY!

Emily, I ate a donut today, because I did such a great job at Walmart today (see this post if you are confused folks). I also got a Dove dark chocolate bar and ate that about 15 minutes after the donut! Yesterday, I had to buy M&M's to fill up our "Fruits of the Spirit" jar. I didn't eat a few. Don't be impressed. I ate them. I ate them by the handful. Well, actually by hand fulls! That is right folks. Hand FULLS! Plural. Yep. Lots of them! I kept thinking to myself, I should really stop. But, I couldn't. Nope. Then, I had some coffee ice cream last night. Then, to top it off, I ate two chocolate chip cookies. Raw ones. Yes, raw. The ice cream was on the couch, right before bed. The cookies were in the bed, right before I went to sleep. I kept thinking, "what is wrong with me???" Then I realized what you are all probably aware of by now. I am about to start my period. Sorry for too much info for those of you out there that are grossed out (wimpy boys!). Seriously folks. I am such an IDIOT! Here is the kicker. I do this every month. I forget and can't figure out why I can't stop eating, anything sweet especially! One would think I would know and recognize this, but no, I don't. I continue to be so confused by my behavior! Anyone else out there have this issue? The not remembering or the sweet thing? Anyone conquered the sweet thing....I would love some advice????


Sarah said...

Hey Nan,

Here is what I do when the kids at school bring junk that sits in my classroom after school to tempt me.
1. Eat one bite to assuage craving.
2. Throw the rest of the junk away.
3. Empty the pencil shavings onto the junk in the trash can to avoid more crazy cravings that would insinuate that if the food had not TOUCHED the side of the can, it would be okay to eat a little more.

Seriously though...I have used this one many times before!

Or, you could just indulge since it IS that time of the month, then go on a run and feel better. :) We'll have to eat chocolate together soon.

Heather said...

I can totally identify!! Haven't mastered it though so I can't really give you advice except STAY AWAY all together. It's addictive to me...once I start I can't stop-so I don't even eat any:)

Heather said...

Cailey is 5 1/3 (8-22-02)
Braden is 3 1/2 (4-6-04)
Kimsey is 2 (10-29-05)
we are waiting for our fourth and final baby:) and have been waiting since May:( Please pray that we'll get him/her soon:)!! What's your email address? I'd love to email you:)
mine is
How old are your boys?