Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer Plans

So, summer is officially here in good ole' NC! It is sweltering. But have no fear North Carolinians, a cold front is on the way. The high tomorrow is ONLY to be about 94!!! I am doing my happy dance! NOT! Did I just say "NOT!"????

We are going to be homeschooling Jonathan this coming year and are trying to figure out what that will "look like" for us. We just aren't sure yet. Will Jacob go to preschool still or not? Which math curriculum will we use? Tons of decisions to be made. But, NOT today. More mistreatments to get finished, ice water to be drunk, playing cars with the boys to be done, and maybe some ice cream to be eaten!!! I am feeling cool already :)

OK, to the point. I am wanting to structure my summer some, so that we don't eat bon bons in our pjs all summer long. I am planning a trip to the aquarium, children's and train museums, maybe the zoo, and the beach some. Swim lessons are also in the works, as well as a music camp at my parent's church.

Any other ideas out there? Any suggestions? What are you summer plans shaping up to include? Any suggestions on how to let the kids play outside early in the morning when you really want to be at the gym...or is that just me?


Heather said...

we spend the morning at the Y, then to the pool (pack a lunch) then home for naps and possibly an afternoon swim! we LIVE at the pool...i plan nothing else...well...throw in a few playdates here and there!

i'm not a pro, but PLEASE feel free to ask me any homeschool questions you might have. kindergarten is NOT supposed to be stressful..just math, reading, and only takes about an hour a day. you can add music and EC activities, but remember it's just K and you want it to be fun:) learning through PLAY

Heather said...

I workout and they play (Cailey is still in school for three more weeks) They love it though, so it works out!