Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Disney Trip, Part 1

Our Disney trip was WONDERFUL! I will give you a brief highlight of it all, mostly with pictures, in parts so not to feel so overwhelmed.

We headed out on Friday morning and drove to Savannah to spend the night. The boys loved watching movies on their DVD player. Hubby and I enjoyed the headphones that we got for them. We were actually able to have a conversation in the van! What a concept!

We were able to see my grandfather at supper time in Savannah, which was really nice. Hubby had a bit of a stomach bug (that I had a few days before we left) but it was gone by the time we left Saturday morning for Orlando.

We were able to watch the Discovery space shuttle launch from a beach south of Daytona on Saturday afternoon. We got some video of it, but no still photos. It was so cool! I think the two things that amazed me the most were the fact that we were able to see the two solid rocket boosters separate with our naked eyes and that the rumble from the launch was heard about the time we lost sight of the shuttle, about 2 minutes after it launched! Very cool!

On Sunday, we went to Epcot. This trip was with my family. My mom had only been to Epcot one time...never to the other Disney parks! My dad had only been to the Magic Kingdom and that was all! My boys had never been to any of it. We were in for a treat!

The boys were in awe! They had a blast! The first character they saw was Donald Duck. They saw him in Mexico in Epcot. They got his autograph and loved every minute of it.

We packed our lunches so that we could save a little bit of money. It really helped a lot!

The boys did a decent job of walking. There is so much to do and so much to see, but only so much that the legs of a 3 and a 4 year old could do!

Epcot isn't the most exciting park for kids to go to, but Jonathan did get to see the "Eiffel Tower." He has been so intrigued by it since he studied France in preschool last fall. His aunt and uncle just got back from Paris for their anniversary a few days before we left for Disney. Here is a picture of the real thing from their trip!

OK, more later!

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Caroline said...

OOOOh, Paris! When my family went to Epcot when I was 7, our (the kids) favorite country was Mexico. It has the coolest little water ride. We probably rode it about 10 times!