Monday, June 23, 2008

Chicken Kidneys!?@#*!

So, it has been really hot in our house lately. There is something wrong with our AC unit. We don't know what it is. But I think that our power bill is going to be about a bazillion dollars the time around.

What does that have to do with chicken kidneys? Is that what you are wondering right now? Me too. No, just kidding.

We, well, I have decided that this summer is the crock pot summer. Hubby doesn't like the crock pot a lot. He thinks that all food cooked in a crock pot tastes the same. That is probably because I use the same spices and seasonings every time I use it! Not every time, because I don't ever use it get the point. So, I am...nope, the crock pot is cooking BBQ leg quarters right now. They smell yummy! I am hoping they taste...different!

So, kidneys...right. I open that enormous bag of leg quarters...10 pounds!!! I put 6 leg quarters in the crock pot this morning. I am not a huge fan of raw meat. (Anyone up for some raw burger?) I just can't stop thinking about the germiness of it. So, I'm rinsing off the leg quarters and putting them in when I notice something red wash over my hand. Now, I have had to clean out the "bag o goodies" one time before from a chicken and I promise, I will never do it again! So, that red was the kidneys. GROSS!!

I made it through and decontaminated the entire kitchen. Gotta kill that salmonella!

Then, it dawns on me later....what if that was the heart?


Teesa and Bill said...

gross. When you buy meat in America, you expect that sort of thing to be cleaned out, you know? I'm not a big fan either.

Nan, I am making a crock pot recipe today (w/o a crock pot). You might like it - it's keilbasa and cabbage. Let me know and I'll send you the recipe!

melissa said...

i guess it's crock pot day, because i'm doing my beef stroganof tonight. =) and teesa, it's fun to "meet" you through all this stuff! i'd love that recipe seeing as i'm married to a polish man!

nan, that's the one thing i hate about cooking a whole chicken!!! i think it's why i've never gotten into making fried chicken, even though i love it!! sorry you had the nasties all over you. ;)