Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thankful Thursday

My friend Ainsley over at Chattahoochee Mama used to do a "Thankful Thursday" post, but hasn't done it in a while. (What is up with that Ainsley?) I am trying to be more aware of the blessings in my life and helping my children do the same. We have started saying "gratitude, not attitude" in our home. I am thankful for (in no particular order)...

1. a free nation to live in and the liberties I am afforded
2. freedom in Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior
3. a well-working AC unit
4. my two sweet little boys
5. my Manly Man
6. my coffee that is waking me up
7. a Bible teaching church
8. family that loves us and supports us through the easy and hard times
9. my cute nephew who is getting glasses (he's 4...can't you imagine how cute that will be?)
10. my bed, which I didn't feel enough of last night:(

Junior Asparagus (from Veggie Tales) says "A thankful heart is a happy heart." When I get grumpy, I try to start counting my blessings. Give it a try!


Ainsley said...

I was just thinking that myself last night.=) Who knows, maybe they'll be one today...

I love your list, though... it really is a good reminder to be grateful!

Caroline said...

I'm thankful for another year older and another year wiser (happy birthday to me tomorrow!), I'm thankful for you, my BFF, and I'm thankful you posted that adorable picture of Jakey. I could eat him.

Lula! said...

And now I'm singing...

I thank God for this day
for the sun in the sky
for my mom and my dad
for my piece of apple pie
for my home on the ground
and His love that's all around
that's why I say thanks every day!

I still can't tear up without hearing this little ditty. FOR REAL.

I'm thankful God loves me just the way I am--and loves me far too much to leave me this way.

Happy 4th!

Stephanie Balvin said...

I love the saying gratitude, not attitude, I will for sure be busting that one out on my kids!