Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Proving I'm NOT Southern!

Here's a tidbit for you...if I haven't shared it already. I am the only person in my family born NORTH of the line that divided the Union from the Confederacy 150 years ago. (Don't you love my "PCness"?) Well, at least as far back as like the Revolutionary War. I have always joked about how I am the outsider in my family. I get harassed about it a lot! All in good fun though! I am not exactly a "Yankee", more like a mid-westerner...whatever that means. I was born in a college town in Indiana, at a year old moved to a city in Wisconsin and after 8 more years, moved to the Queen City in North parents were glad to be closer to their homes in Georgia. I was thankful for only a 5 to 6 hour ride to visit my relatives instead of a 15-20 hour drive! Hey, I was 9 years old!

I was in GA this weekend for family reunions. On day two, my youngest son decided that "van" has not one, but TWO syllables! I was shocked! It doesn't take long for that southern blood to start flowing!

Well, I totally proved that I am NOT southern today! My family would be, ummm, not proud of me, but find it humorous! My dad got two bushels of raw peanuts and sent some home with me so I could boil them. I did. I also burned them! Who burns peanuts? I didn't even know it was possible! Peanuts are like the state symbol of GA, next to pecan pie!:) I think it is a sin or sacrilegious or something! God forgive me!


Caroline said...

I guess I'm not southern either seeing as I've never had boiled peanuts before. Mr. Baseball loves them. I have, however, had a friend pickle. Anyone? Anyone? Yum. Thanks for talking today. I feel like a bad friend for not checking in on your before today. Forgive me.

and the word verification just go all spanish up in here: mejriodo

That means "boiled burned peanuts"

Nan said...

No Caro, as a matter of fact I have never had a "friend pickle." I think that if I did, my Manly Man might just leave me! By the way, long as you pray!

Ainsley said...

Hey, welcome back!

I just cover my ears and start say "Lalalalalala" whenever someone talks to me about Southern foods. It's like they're speaking another language and I just don't have the patience to learn.

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

Oh, yes, Boiled Peanuts. My FIL LOVES them. Promised me he'd make me some (he's a transplanted Southerner - but once a Southerner, always a Southerner). I have thus far evaded his attempts. Can we all say:

See, I think MO was a border state Depending on what area you're from, you can pronounce things with extra syllables. Or forget to pronounce final r's. Or, have you ever been on Highway Farty-Far (that would be 44), that just makes me laught every time --- maybe that's like a NYC accent or Boston or something? And don't get me started axin' all sorsa queshuns. All right here in my fine midwestern city. I, on the other hand, speak English. But not British English or Australian English...or OK, whatever. Too many brain cells required.

Lula! said...

God has already forgiven your non-Southern status. I am working on it.

And van totally has 2 syllables. So does "well," especially when my 6 year old uses it..."Weeeeellll..." Adorable!

Are you afraid of your cousin from Dublin? I'm just askin'.