Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Let's Hear It For Caro!

So, this is a few days later than intended, but here goes....

Caro is a year younger than me, but it isn't noticeable. Here is how we met. We grew up about 10 or so miles away from each other, attending rival middle and high schools in the Queen City. Never knew each other.

The day I arrived at UNCG, I had a ton to move in...tacky matching sheets, a stereo, a computer (mind you we were just learning about the web and email!), and a bunch of other crap (I have such a hard time typing that word, since it is a word that I have had to take out of my vocab with the boys getting older and all!) that I did not need! A group of students from InterVarsity Christian Fellowship were helping move students into their dorms. Sprout, Caro's sister, just happened to be the one to help me, and be my neighbor in the dorm. She was wonderful! Three knocks away, right Sprout? Well, one weekend, in the fall I believe, Caro came to spend the weekend because she had her voice audition for the School of Music at UNCG. Sprout and her roomie, Caro and her friends and me (I am sure there were others) all went to play putt-putt or something and somehow Caro ended up with me and listened to me talk about the Drum Major from high school. I must have whined and droned on forever about him....years I think. So thankful that we aren't together today and that I have Manly Man now!

Caro continued her trips to UNCG a couple of times and I would always see her. A year later, there she that "other" side of the dorm...not Weil, but Winfield! Sprout was still on one side, Caro was about 4 doors down the other way. We hit it off! She and I have had our times where we are really close and then not so close and then close again. Why do girls do that? But, she is amazing! She has been a solid friend to me, and probably the only one that I would trust to post on my blog! We don't get a lot of time together, but this bloggy thing has made me feel like I am right there in the tiny 'boro where she lives. We even get to see each other in my town because Manly Man and Mr. Baseball are from the same town, where we now live! Yippee!!! That is where we do the wild and crazy, 9pm coffee milkshakes together!

I love you sweet girl! You rock! Doesn't she?


Caroline said...

Awwww, thanks Nane. I wasn't expecting that at all. It kinda makes up for that awesome birthday present you talked about getting me but didn't. I'll let that one go for now. I love you too.

Heather said... now I'm SUPER curious...who is heartbreaker? SURELY I know him!

Frank said...

well. i for one am glad that you are happy to be married to "Manly Man". and Manly Man is happy to be married to Nanly Nan.

Lula! said...

Yes, she is awesome. Indeed!

Sarah said...

Three knocks you bet Nan! I remember lots of times you crawled up in my loft to annoy me while I was trying to go to sleep! It was all good and all fun, though! Good, good times!

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

What a sweet post =)