Friday, July 18, 2008

Taking The Leap

We are going to home school. Wow, that feels really good to be firm in that decision, and totally terrifying also! Anybody with me on that one? I have started ordering curriculum...what a daunting task. I think that I have picked some good "stuff" for Jonathan. We still haven't decided what to do with Jacob...preschool or not? It would be good for Jonathan if Jacob isn't home during school since he is such a you Jakey! Thankfully, you can't read this yet :) Financially and logistically, it doesn't make sense to send him though. Any suggestions from anyone who is homeschooling as to what to do with a younger sibling?
There really are some serious fears when it comes to being your child's teacher! What if my non-love of reading rubs off on him? What if he won't listen to me? My biggest fear is that I will stop enjoying being around him. Manly Man and I have talked about all of these things. Our commitment is on a year to year basis. If I stop delighting in Jonathan, then I am done...I don't want to lose that joy!
There are some really good pros for it though. Be finished by lunch time! Really in about an hour, to an hour and a half for kindergarten....makes you wonder what takes so long in public school doesn't it? I can set the schedule around holidays that are important us, including birthdays! I am actually going for a more year round approach. We will start mid-August and work for 4 weeks and then take a week off for a little break. This will continue for the year. They will have two weeks at Christmas, a week at Easter, and a week at the 4th of July, and then 4 weeks off from mid-July until mid-August. Sounds kind of weird, I know. However, if you have had kids in any kind of school setting (school or preschool) then you know how bored they get in such a short period of time in the summer. This schedule will cut down on that!
Jonathan will be studying reading/ phonics program, math, handwriting and having a Bible lesson 4 days a week. We will take Thursdays off, since I have a women's Bible study that morning. We will also do some arts/ crafts one or two afternoons a week as well as some social studies types of things. Grandma is a pianist and she is going to teach them how to play, so we will make weekly trips to her house for lessons, lunch and fun!
It is interesting to responses we have gotten. Some are all for it. Some know nothing about it and therefore say things they shouldn't. Some just don't know what to say so we get an "oh" response. There are several families at our church that home school so I have a good network there.
Any tips, ideas, websites, or suggestions anyone has, feel free to share them!
Did I mention that I used to teach? That would make you think that I would not be fearful of this right? I taught high school chemistry....they already knew how to read and write!


Heather said...

As far as Jake goes, if it makes you feel better I'm sending Kinsey to preschool this year, I feel like I need to be REALLY focused my first year to get the hang of it.
I'm with ya on being concerned about my relationship with Cailey but I sent her to school and it didn't do any good. The best way to work on a relationship is to be together. When she was at school it was for 7 hrs. then she'd do homework, eat, then bed. That's just my 2 cents....we're in this together!
Make friends with at least ONE other homeschooling mom who has been doing it for a while. That has been the best thing for me:)

Laura said...

I'm with you, Nan! I don't think you know me exactly but I knew your hubby in college (I think you were a couple of years behind me) You may have known my sibs: Drew and Anna. Anyway....long story short I've been following your blog through Heather's blog (sorry I haven't commented!)and really identified with your post.
I went back and forth about a million times and finally came to the firm decision to homeschool too! Rebecca starts kindergarten this fall and I'm getting excited now:) If you hear of any good tips for younger sibs pass them this way; that's my biggest challenge.
But I've been told by EVERYONE that I've talked to that I should NOT stress about shouldn't be hard and it should be fun so that's what I'm going to try for:)

Nan said...

Laura, thanks for the comment. Frank remembers you and your hubby...and found your blog through Heather's. I will check back and see how things go for you. Please, keep me posted and I will try to do the same. Frank says hi to you and Dennis. I actually talked with Susan yesterday and will see them in Charlotte in a few weeks! Thanks again for delurking:)

YoMJ said...


I guess somethings never change as far as attitudes are concerned. I homeschooled our 4 children from 1982-2002 and I had all kinds of remarks from people who knew nothing about homeschooling. But I knew in my innermost being it was the right thing to do. I never waivered. I got tired, I got frustrated, but I was in absolute heaven! I had the best time.
Jacob will learn right along with Jonathan, until he is bored and then he will go play. An early childhood professional told MY mom that "playing" is a child's schoolroom. Don't worry, letting a child have an imagination is a Gift in today's world of highly structured living.
God Bless you and your Wonderful Journey.

4funboys said...


we have a lot in common.

I start homeschooling 1 of my boys this year too... maybe we can encourage each other along the way.

Melissa said...

I think it's great that you can do this for your boys. Truthfully I know that I could not handle it. I don't think I would have enough patience. Hazel also will "play dumb" with me while we are doing homework. She pretends that she doesn't know certain words that she's reading and she really does it with math! Hope it all goes well for you!!