Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Plea To Parents

The boys spent the morning with some friends while I went to the dentist. They had a great time, but were inside due to the mosquitoes. I have really enjoyed being inside on HOT days. However, the boys go to bed so much better if they have gotten their dose of the sun each day. So, I decided to take them to the local park tonight. It is my favorite because there are NO swings. How sad, I know. I just get tired of pushing two boys...I want them to get the "exercise", not me :) I digress. I got me a bite to eat and took the boys to the park. We were the only ones there to start with, which makes me happy and sad. I enjoy not having to worry about how other kids are going to respond to my kids, but am sad that they didn't have anyone else to play with. A few minutes later, three children come running up to the playground. I look around for their parent(s). Nothing. I saw their car. They were sitting in it! Seriously. Sitting the car, listening to music, doing stuff they shouldn't have been or something. But, sitting in the car, NOT watching their children on the playground. The car was even parked in the wrong direction to even be able to see out the front window. I was so upset by this! I think what made it the worst was that two of the three were climbing on top of the playground equipment. We are talking 10-15 feet in the air. Now, I know that kids do this and I am not a fan of it. They can fall people! And get really hurt...banging themselves all up on the metal as they plummet to the ground! So, to you parents who don't want to watch your kids at park, don't bring them please! Do you want them to break their necks? Be bullies? Get kidnapped?

OK, second request is to you parents of girls. I have boys. I would like to protect them as long as possible. The world is a hard place for our men. My boys are going to grow into men one day. (wipe tear) I would like for them to maintain their innocence as long as possible. PLEASE don't let you girl wear miniskirts with no shorts on under them! PLEASE!!!! Shorts or skorts please! Heck, with the style for girls nowadays, maybe jeans and a turtleneck would be better. Digressing again. Please, teach your girls about modesty. I promise that I am doing my best to teach my boys about chivalry and being a knight.

And on a random note...I used to LOVE mocha shakes from Port City Java. Ice cream, espresso, and chocolate syrup...what's not to love! I live here in the "Port City" where their java began. Unfortunately, I have seen a Port City Java in the Queen City, the Gate City and the Capital City. Go figure. Digressing yet again! I am learning to really taste the food that I am eating and learning to evaluate if I even like it or like how I feel (not talking emotions or guilt here) physically after eating it. I had a mocha shake tonight and HATED the way that I felt afterwards and for the next hour! Cross that off my list of things I thought that I loved!


Laura said...

Oh my goodness.....I would have been upset at those parents too! WHAT were they thinking?
As the parent of two girls, I can promise you I am big on modesty. I'm already teaching Rebecca about it. I've often wondered how I'm going to find that child clothes as she gets older...seems like EVERYTHING out there is either too short, too tight, or has writing across the rear or the chest! SO not ok! And I'm talking about clothes for girls NOT that much older than her! Don't get me started, sister:)

Anonymous said...

Manly Man concurs. Some parents amaze me at how little they invest into their children's life. Just last night, a lady came to a county fire station in the middle of the night, high on crack, and brought the dog with her...not her kids. Her 1 year old and 3 year old were home themselves!!! The husband was no where to be found, due to the restraining order against him. Two toddlers being raised in a world of drugs, alcohol, and physical abuse......that is a true picture of the world we live in and its all around us.

Caroline said...

My friend Jennifer was at a park with her kids when a little kid ran up and he was, get this - buck naked. Yep. She followed him back to his house, where the front door was standing wide open. There were several other kids inside and the oldest went to get the "man" of the house. He appeared to have just woken up. She really wanted to give him a piece of her mind, but instead she gave him the benefit of the doubt. I would have been seriously tempted to call DSS.

Blissful Nikki said...

wow! I totally agree with you. Some parents just dont care! Even worse, one time I was playing with my daughter at the park and the parents were there drinking beer and smoking! HELLO!!! MY KIDS ARE HERE TOO!!
And as the mother of a daughter, I know all about not wearing skirts...or atleast not without footless tights! I mean, its totally stylish, and modest!
What is our world coming to?

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

Yep, playgrounds can bring on TigerMommy. He-- hath no fury like me when one of my kids is dissed on the 'grounds. I'm just saying. Be responsible for your kids. Make them act politely and hold them accountable for their (mis)actions - it ain't funny, Lady.

*phew* I better get a move on or I'll get all flustered and emotional here.

But thanks for your repeat visits - I'll come back soon! (And not climb on my soap boax --- I promise.)

Ainsley said...


4funboys said...

some folks don't deserve the honor of parenthood...

it's amazing to me what some people think is OK.

Is it that they really don't know better? OR do they just not care??