Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day!

We really know how to live it up here! We even had school on Labor Day! Oh the horror! Call the police! See how exciting our day is? Manly Man is at work, so I figured we might as well have school and then play. The play was good. The boys have played really well together. School, not so great today. I was really frustrated with Jacob today because he was distracting Jonathan A LOT! I have to find something different to do with him. Maybe I need to start playing with him first, and then doing some school work with Jonathan. Any ideas of what to do with a distracting 3 year old??? excited that I finally figured out how to successfully post a video!!!


Lula! said...

I want to do this with them! PLEASE! A lot easier and much less messy than a pile of leaves!

You are a fun mama, for sure.

Caroline said...

How cool are you! Your labor day was a bit better than ours has been. Oh well.

Laura said...

What a cute video! Looks like they were having lots of fun:)
A couple of thoughts about Jacob: is there anything you could get him interested in for a little while while you focus on Jonathan? There are a ton of preschool workbooks out there (and stuff you can print online)....our dollar store has cool workbooks too. Or does he like to color? do puzzles? Or if you need him out of the room he could do "room time" for a little while or watch a short video? Just my two cents.....don't know if you've tried these things:) It's easy for me at this point since mine are so little; I'm sure it will get more challenging!

4funboys said...

ha... we got more done today than we have in 3 weeks of "school" because daddy was here to distract the other 3 boys while I worked with son #2.

I can't imagine trying to homeschool with a little one around... it would take a lot of training for the little guy.

here's a thought we use with the big guys-

The boys LOVE video games and t.v. time-- and I'm not a fan of either thing... the only time they get to play them, is on Saturday morning when we're trying to sleep in. As soon as we're "awake", they have to turn them off. It's amazing how many "fights" they can work out themselves... and how motivated they can be to pour milk for thier brother's cereal if they think it can give them a few extra minutes of cartoons.

maybe the "only time" the little guy got to "do" whatever special thing he likes to do is when your doing school work with brother... maybe he'd be motivated to give you longer periods of work time.

it works for us... but it takes a while to train them to get the idea that you'll stick to it.

try it... let me know if it works.

good luck... I know it's tough. But the payoff is HUGE!