Monday, September 15, 2008


I thought that I should maybe change the blog a little since I do a lot of posting about myself (how self-centered can I be???), not just my boys. I also mention Manly Man every once in a while. (Love you Manly Man and glad you are finished with training for a while!!!) So, welcome to the Sellers' Express! I found a cute train background, but I didn't like that the center part where the posts were had a design on it and it made it hard to read the text. So, I opted for no train background, but got something new anyway. My old background had some reading issues I think, so please let me know if the font colors are OK...can you read the text OK? The picture is over a year old!!! Maybe the next time we get on a train (ha ha) we can get a new picture. This is from the train at Tweetsie.

Must run, my little engineers are fighting!


ainsley said...

Cute family pic! I always like changing up the blog look every now and again... looks great!

Caroline said...

Cute new look. Where did you get it? Is it a Leelou blog? Glad you all are okay after Hanna, I know that was forever ago, but anyway. No problem reading the text. I'll change the name on my bloglist.

Laura said...

I like it Nan:)

Eve said...

Your blog looks good! Where did you get that layout. I would love to do something different and be able to add more pics on the side but not sure how are where to go to get a different layout. Hope that you are doing well! How is homeschooling?

Webbology said...

Hey Nan,
Thanks for checking out my blog! I love yours too! The train is awesome. I totally understand about the "engineers" fighting! man, oh man!
Let us know whenever you're in town.