Monday, September 8, 2008

Chocolate Chip Cookie Confession

I major heart chocolate chip cookie dough! In a big way. Or at least I did. So, about 5 or 6 years ago, while at Sam's Club, I had a brilliant idea to buy some cookie dough to keep on hand whenever we had friends over. I wanted to be a good hostess and have something to serve my guests. I don't know where I got that from. If anyone knew about my plan for goodies and looked in that 5 pound tub about a month later would have thought that Manly Man and I were the COOLEST people ever in the 'Boro! Man, that cookie dough was at least half gone, in only 30 days! That is a lot of cookies!!! Which means a lot of friends!!!
What is really meant is that I was a closet compulsive eater! It was there. I ate it. Raw. By the spoonful! When home alone. While Manly Man was in the bathroom. Whenever. Thinking back now, I think that this is when I first started to realize that I was a closet over-eater or maybe this is about the time that it started. Hmmm....
When I finally confessed to Manly Man what I had done, he suggested that I throw it away. Do what???? I was NOT going to waste money! But then I realized later that I needed to do just that and did. So, me and chocolate chip cookie dough...a very bad love-to-eat-you-hate-the-pounds-you-cause relationship bloomed!
Fast forward to yesterday. With the looming TS Hanna headed our way on Friday (by the way, we did problems whatsoever...pray for those in the path of Ike though!) the munchies set in. I got the chips covered. I almost got the sweets covered too, but decided not to. Then Manly Man went to the store and I suggested something know, so I could blame him for it being in the house. He came home with the ginormous roll of chocolate chip cookie dough. We made a few cookies. Yesterday, I ate some raw cookie dough. Not a lot here, but enough for about 3 cookies. During that last slice, I noticed something. It makes my tongue feel weird. Really weird. Like prickly or something. I can honestly say that I don't like raw chocolate chip cookie dough! What an amazing blessing, for my health and for honoring the Lord!
Now, if I could just not like them baked!


melissa said... weakness is choc chip cookies! dough or baked. i just made some last week, and this mornign saw this big tupperware in our fridge. i remembered that i hadn't made them all...thus still some dough in the fridge. i'm trying to not think about it too much! ;) it is so easy to eat by the spoonfuls!

ainsley said...

I love it, too. Ice cream is still my #1 weakness, but I can't keep either in the house.=)

I think you got that prickly feeling because of the chemicals of refrigerator dough. You probably wouldn't get it from homemade dough. I noticed the same prickly feeling a few years back when I ate some raw. The real stuff doesn't do it to me.

Not trying to give you an excuse to make some and try it, though. ;)

Sarah said...

Nan, I have done that too. I almost bought a big tub of it at Costco yesterday but backed off...good for you that you have a good reason not to eat it raw! Maybe we can have a big chocolate chip cookie party sometime!

Teesa and Bill said...

I am a dough eater too, but not the store bought kind - only homemade. I seem to remember Kendall and Maggie keeping cookie dough in their fridge all throughout college life too. Great job on identifying the issue and dealing with it.