Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Just two things today. First, after dropping the boys off at Awana for the first time last night,


Got a little of this:
and one of these:
Who knew Awana would make a great date night for us? So thankful!
Also thankful for my Assets, that helped me get in a pair of jeans so I could stay a little dry during our "coastal low" that we are experiencing.
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melissa said...

yay for date nights!!! i'm loving you wearing your assets!!! that's awesome. like frank says, we have so many tricks to make us look good. haha. you look so cute together!

Tarrah said...

Hey Nan, We got together with Scott & Ann last night and she gave me her blog and through there I saw your comment and found your blog :)

I also have a blog and would love to be "blogging buddies" (ha ha)

I'm so glad our children are in Awana together, their going to have fun getting to know eachother.

Caroline said...

Mmmmmm, is that sesame chicken. Where's the egg roll? I'll go get my fork.

Eve said...

I am glad that you two got out with out the kids! To me that is so important to be able to spend time with each other! Ihope that all is well and let Frank know that Joe and I say hi!

Sarah said...

How fun! I'm glad you got away for a bit!

Long time no blogging, but I love your new look!

4funboys said...

dates... hmmmm.

I vaguely remember those.

Good for you-- making it a priority! It's important.

AWANA's is great too... I did it as a kid. I wish my kids could go.