Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Look Who Moved In To The Neighborhood!

We are the first town to get a Harris Teeter in Brunswick County! And it is two miles from my house! Now, this could be a bad thing for us. They are kind of pricey in my opinion...but when there is a VIC special, it is usually better than Wally World! So, heading to the new HT today, just to say I went!


Caroline said...

When I saw the title, I totally thought you meant "Tiger" the wonder cat. Phew - good to know its only HT!

Teesa and Bill said...

Ooh, great! They have triple coupon days sometimes (like this past weekend). I saved $30 on a $90 bill b/c of it. You ought to subscribe to their info on their website so you can know when the next triple coupon day is. I found that some of their stuff is a lot cheaper than other places. Have fun shopping.

Amy Sasser said...

Yes, we love Harris Teeter and yes, sometimes a little more expensive BUT with double coupons everyday combined with VIC specials you can really save some $. And like someone else mentioned triple coupon weekends are where the savings are at. I made multiple trips this weekend as you can only use 20 coupons per day. Plus it is a treat for me to shop here as it is clean and has lots of choices. Have fun with your new HT!

Webbology said...

Hey Nan!
I just printed out my HT shopping list from their website...a few things i'm going after today...minute maid juice boxes (BOGO), mushrooms 99cents, Quaker grits 1.50, etc...I do this list every Wednesday; along with browsing FoodLion and Lowe's for their specials. It's fun for me! Now, you can have fun ;) Teesa, I'll have to take your advice on registering for the coupon alerts!