Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fruit Roll-ups, At Home!!

Found this recipe after a friend suggested I look for one on the web. Who knew you could make fruit roll-ups at home! I am trying to eliminate artificial coloring from my children's world to see if there is a difference in their behavior. I think Ainsely's advice to do that is actually helping. The problem is when you take them somewhere that is going to serve a snack. So, thinking I might try these and see how they go over in my home! Don't they look yummy?


ainsley said...

Ooh... they do look yummy. If they turn out good, you will have to share the recipe. =)

It is hard to deal with snacks at different places and people's homes. I always have to have a tasty alternative with me... and I usually save something they don't get any other time, so it really is a treat!

Kari said...

I don't have kids, but my brother is kind of ADD and my parents put him on Ritalin and then began controlling it by cutting things like Red 40 out of his diet and making sure he had more protein and cutting way down on sugar. It really really worked, and I believe cutting those things out of kids' diets can really help. So, good for you!

Eve said...

Hey what a great idea! I might have to get that recipe! they look amazing!