Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Joy of Boys!

I went home to Charlotte this weekend for a trip. It had been two months since I had been there or seen my parents and Manly Man was working 72 of the last 96 hours. Great time for a visit right?
I had a great time with my parents! I got my hair cut and highlighted. I was able to visit with my precious niece, Savannah Mae. I got to meet up with a wonderful friend from junior high and her new man! What a blast that was!
Mom, Dad, the boys and I went to the Davidson College Women's Basketball game on Saturday afternoon where I saw my junior high band director. I think I saw a hint of "I feel old" from him when I told him both the boys with me were my sons:)
Sunday was church. It is always nice going back to the church I grew up in because everyone knows me. It is nice to be known.
We hit the road to come back home after a short stop to see my niece one last time and so the boys could see their uncle.
I was hoping to not have to stop for a bathroom break on the way home. We made it all the way to Charlotte on Thursday without a stop! It was unreal! No such luck this time. We had to stop twice! But here is the best part...I pull on the side of the road. The boys unbuckle their seat belts, open the van door and pee out the side! Yes I realize that might disgust some of you. That is OK. It isn't my favorite. However, since I can't leave one in the car while I take the other in to use a nasty, germy bathroom, this option is MUCH faster!
I only wish I could do it;)
Stay tuned for a post about what I learned from not eating sugar for two weeks.
By the way, is anyone still out there?


Christie said...

We've done the "open the van and pee out" several times with our boy...they have it so easy!!!

Tim and Kasey said...

Gotta love boys! I'm sure the boys loved it and I'm sure Frank would of joined them if he would have been there. Peeing outdoors NEVER gets old. Way to raise your boys right Nanners!

Holly said...

I'm here! We let Luke do that on the long, long drive to GA to see my folks. The problem will be when Avery starts using the potty and we won't have that option for her!! But it's great for Luke!

Anonymous said...

I'm still here Honey. I just forget to check in every now and then. I love you!
-Manly Man