Friday, February 12, 2010

Days 6 and 7 (No Sugar)

Wednesday was fine until I got the boys home from Awana and was hungry since we eat an early dinner usually. I had two pieces of string cheese and that helped, but I really wanted something munchie. I went to bed instead.

Thursday wasn't a bad day. We went to Manly Man's aunt and uncle's house to see them for a few hours. We had grilled cheese sandwiches and grapes and strawberries. I had mine with cheddar cheese and it was yum-o! I actually ate two sandwiches. Yikes! I kept lunch light. Then, at 9pm, I attacked some cheddar cheese pretty hard. I'm paying for it today, and drinking lots of water to flush the extra sodium out of my rings are tight right now! Next time, I'll just go to bed!

I found a product today that I am super excited about, but don't want to share it with you until I have tried it. And I can't try it until next Friday! Bet your wondering aren't you???

It gets easier each day to make it through. I'm not sure exactly what I miss the most. It is hard to miss it when it isn't in your house. It is also hard to miss something sweet when a light bulb in your head is turned on, but I will share more about that at the end of the second week. I won't be updating daily anymore about this challenge, but I will be posting a couple of times over the next week.

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