Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Week At GG and Daddy B's: Water Surprises

The boys and I are in the Queen City having a ball! They are here for Music Camp at my parents' (GG and Daddy B) church. We have been keeping busy in the morning with camp, and the afternoons have been filled with trips to the pool, playing and eating yummy food! I spent some good time with my dad, while waiting 2 hours for a tow truck! My van died in the parking lot of my sister-in-law's country club! What cracked me up the most about that was all the men leaving the pool or the tennis courts asked if it was the battery. What gave that away? The hood up? My mom's car parked front end to front end with my van and her hood up? The JUMPER CABLES??? They breed some smart ones there huh? The van is now fixed, much to the boys disappointment...they were really enjoying riding in GG's car!
We took a trip to the pool at the Y yesterday. The wade pool was closed until this morning because of an "accident." So I had to get into the big pool by myself with the boys so mom and I tag teamed. She didn't want to get in because we were going to dinner after the pool. I had Jonathan in the pool for about 10 minutes and then switched. I got Jacob in and he was in for about 5 minutes when the lifeguards blew their whistles. I guessed it was for a break. I guessed wrong! Someone had pooed in the water! For real! I mean, come the water? The pool is clearly marked that only toilet trained kids can swim in the big pool!!!! So, we got out and I felt so gross! I wanted someone to pour alcohol over my head so I could feel clean! NASTY!!!
Anyone else had crazy pool experiences???


Ainsley said...

That just happened at our pool, too. So gross. Glad you're having a fun visit otherwise!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...


Ainsley said...

Happy Birthday! And you're getting your hair done today, I almost forgot. Don't forget to pick up your Chocolate Banana Vivanno while you're out!

4funboys said...

that is soooooooooooo.... grosss!


Sarah said...

Oh Nan, after working last summer at the public pool in redneck central, do I have some stories for you, girl.

1. Speedo man- Need I say more? His speedos were in every color and size (gulp) that you can imagine...if you are brave enough to do so. Lots of little kids were asking their red-faced mommies about him. Sheesh.

2. One non-English speaking family kept sending their 3 year old daughter into the pool at various intervals. She'd squat for a moment and then return. Later we found out that she made those trips when she needed to pee-pee. Thank God for Chlorine.

3. Yep, we had poop. And throw-up. That thing your mom used to tell you about waiting 30 minutes after eating to swim...well, it's something true to heed.

4. One lady decided that her undergarments were just fine to swim in. Her argument??? They cover more than lots of bikinis. Really, lady!!!

Needless to say, I opted NOT to work at the pool this summer.

I feel your pain.