Thursday, August 21, 2008

Melt My Heart (x 2)

I just finished our Bible study for the morning with the boys. I am using a one year Bible for children and as asking them questions after I read them the lesson for the day. I started at the beginning even though it is August. Today's lesson was about Adam and Eve being sent away from the garden because they had sinned. After the lesson, I prayed for us that we could stand strong when tempted and that we would try our best to obey. I also prayed for the boys to have kind hearts and loving hearts when their friends came over in a little while. After I said the words "kind hearts and loving hearts", they both, at the exact same time, sat up on their knees and kissed me on my cheek, one on each side! I started to cry and could barely finish the prayer. I am truly blessed! Thank you Lord for these sweet boys and for the chance to be home with them!


Caroline said...

That is so stinkin' sweet - brings a tear to my eye. Savor those spontaneous moments. You know, you should journal or write letters to them telling them about some of your memorable moments they have given you! That would be sweet to have them read those through the years, along with looking at all those great pics you're taking of them!

Amy Sasser said...

You have two sweet boys! I am sure they are just modeling what they have seen from their parents!

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

Aren't boys lovely towards their mamas? My little one burned his little fingers tonite (that'll teach him to touch a hot lightbulb) and when I got home he made himself cry until I went and laid down with him. Then I glanced up through my 'sleeping eyes' and he had the biggest grin on his face with his eyes scrunched shut. What a ham.

Manly Man must be working hard for your family. I'm praying all your needs will be met. If I read between the lines, maybe a little closer to home, too.

Blessings! And thanks for stopping by Missouri today!

Ainsley said...

Aren't you glad God made boys with the ability to melt their mamas hearts? Otherwise, they'd be out on their tushies at age 2. Haha!

Your boys are such sweetie pies!

melissa said...

people said to me when i was pregnant with asher, that i would not believe how much boys love their mamas. i didn't get it....until he came. and oh my gosh. stop the world. we had a date tonight. we shared a milkshake and walked to the park. he melts my heart over and over again, and i can't believe he's not even 2.