Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The First Week of Homeschool

(GRRRRR...I tried to post this yesterday, but blogger wouldn't upload my photos!!!)
August 18th officially marked our endeavor into homeschooling our boys. We aren't sure how long we will home school...we're taking it one year at a time. So, Jonathan is in kindergarten and Jacob is three. Jacob has been the most challenging part because he so wants to be able to do everything that Jonathan does, but really isn't able to yet. He tries though.

We are following the book The Well-Trained Mind (it is a classical education "guide" if you will). Formal classical education doesn't start until 1st grade, but you can start in kindergarten with the basics...handwriting, math, and phonics.


Handwriting: Zaner-Bloser (they teach continuous stroke which makes it easier to transition to cursive wish they would have taught Jonathan this in preschool since we are having to redo a few letters!)

Math: Singapore Math (I love math and really want my kids to love it and maybe even excel at it too...they teach multiplication and division together, since they do go together!)

Phonics: An Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading (the boys are both do this...why not let Jacob learn his sounds right?)

We start with a Bible lesson and then go on to the other three...I let Jonathan pick which to do first, math or handwriting, then we do the other and then phonics. I will have to do another post about what I am going to do with Jacob, after I see if it works.

I would have to say that I enjoyed the first week, and that I can honestly see us doing this for at least a few years, if not all the way. I am not sure if we can afford it though, me being at home and not working. We will have to see.

Here are a few snap shots of the first day.

Here they are at the table working on handwriting and tracing lines.

Here they are being horizontal and vertical lines.

Here they are learning phonics.

I love that I can teach on the floor!

I am trying to implement a rest time for Jonathan during Jacob's nap. He normally piles up with me to watch some TV. I am trying to be more proactive about the TV time. Don't get me wrong...I turned out OK and grew up watching a lot of TV and I think there is a place for TV, but I am starting to wonder if the attitudes we are getting from our boys are coming from the TV. Hmmm??? So, I will let you know how the rest hour and a half goes. Today, it went tell. Jonathan went to his bed with some mazes, which he loves, and a few books. He did great! I slept, showered, and worked on the computer a little.

So, I imagine that my schedule will change a hundred times or so. Once I get it tweaked a little I will post it.


Nicole said...

i've been wanting to hear how your homeschooling experience is starting out, so thanks for the post. (of course, i could have just called or emailed for an update, but isn't that what blogs are for?) glad things went well the first week!

Caroline said...

I'm glad it was such a good week. I've missed talking to you in the mornings. You've given me hope that maybe I could be Wesley's teacher in a few years!

Laura said...

Glad to hear it went well! We are using the Ordinary Parents guide.... too and I like it so far!
I have the same concerns about affording it but from what I've heard there are ways to do school at home cheaply. Also I think about all the extra expenses in public school (fundraisers, fees, sports, etc..) and I wonder if it doesn't even out in the end. Just to encourage you:)

Heather said...

So glad to hear you are loving it! So are we:)...and we've tried both (school and home!) We too are doing the same phonics (but Cailey didn't start at the beginning b/c she's already reading). Braden did start at the beginning (even though he's looking at me like I'm crazy b/c he already knows his sounds and is reading a bit as well!)
Kinsey IS staying home...some things changed and I wasn't going to pay to send her. She has a playmate MOST of the time b/c B and C take turns. They do History and Science together, but so far K's been pretty good:)OH..and SO glad to see you on facebook finally:)!

melissa said...

wow, nan. that's so exciting! my sis started with her boys when they were the same age as your boys, and she really loved it. we're still undecided about what to do next fall, and homeschooling is definitely still on the table. hope your days continue to be fun and productive! it looks like a great lineup!