Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Pseudo-Mistreatment

The Nester sponsored another mistreatment party and I am a day late. Always my luck, but hey, I got it done!

This was Jacob's bed. It didn't have a comforter or even a quilt or blanket that "covered" it the way it is "supposed to." I didn't order the matching stuff to go with his brother's bed because it was a little expensive and because we are hoping to get bunk beds soon and change their room to a fire fighter's room theme-y thing.

I decided to finally get him a "real" comforter and found a reversible one (navy/red) at Kohl's for only $20 (on sale)! I got one for Jonathan also. I have been wanting to have some sort of bed skirt, but not ruffles...they are boys. I haven't wanted to pay for one though. Honest. I got some stuff from my mom's house last weekend that has been there for about a year now. In one of the storage tubs was a set of navy blue twin sheets.

That poor flat sheet didn't stand a chance. I just tucked and made a flat pleat and safety pinned it in two places and wala....(how on earth do you spell that word?) I had a bed skirt!

All in all, I am pleased with it. It will work for now, until we do the bunks and don't need a way to hide stuff under the bed!

***Side note....I showed Jacob his new bed.

Me: Jakey, come look at your new bed.
Jakey: Wow, it is even bigger!
Me: Now you have real big covers.
Jakey: That means Daddy can't poot in it!


Caroline said...

What!? Newsflash Jakey...Daddies are going to poot where they wanna, no ifs ands or butts about it!

megan said...

I have a Jakey and I can imagine him saying something like that. Hah!! And I agree with Caroline up there. Too funny!
I think it looks great. Love a free project. I am using old curtain panels for my bedskirt right now.

emily said...

Yay Nan! Great boy mistreatment. And that is hysterical. Poot. HA! We call them "foofoos" So funny. Much better than the alternative, though.

And it's "voila". I think.

4funboys said...

can't poot... ha!

No fanny burbs there for sure... cuz if they pull the covers over now... you'll be in big trouble!

love the colors.

Bonita said...

That's a great idea! I've always hated putting bed "skirts" on my son's bed, but had no idea what else to do. Now I know.

I guess Daddy will just have to find somewhere else to poot and if he's like every other man I know that won't be a problem!