Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Parent/ Teacher Conference

Do you remember those? I do. We had our first one with Jonathan's teacher today. I felt like I was time wrapped back and that I should be playing with toys in the corner while my mom talked to my teachers. Not this time. Academically, Jonathan is doing really well. He knows his letters and sounds, shapes, numbers, and colors. He has friends and is doing well socially (in terms of showing compassion and having friends). He still gets upset over little things sometimes. His fine motor skills need some work, as do some of his gross motor skills (hopping, and skipping). He is progressing. That is what I keep reminding myself. There is no right or wrong bar to judge a child by, but I find myself wanting to make sure that he is keeping up with his peers. Why does that feel so important to me at times? He is so sweet, and I adore him! He has his moments though. He does better for us, I think, than he does for his teachers. Funny...aren't they supposed to be better for others than mom and dad? His teacher did say that she would be concerned about putting him in kindergarten next year because he might get bullied around or something to that effect. I think the deal is about sealed. I think we are going to venture into the homeschooling zone!!! I want what is best for my boys and I really believe that homeschooling them is going to be it. Jonathan needs structure, but he also needs to be allowed to be himself, and I think that a traditional school setting would squash that in him and he wouldn't be Jonathan anymore. So, we will try it and see how he does, how we do. I am starting to look forward to the adventure and get a little excited about it. OK, off to play trains and work on hopping, I guess :)

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