Sunday, January 13, 2008

A First

For the past four or so months, Jonathan has refused to go to his Sunday School class at church. We haven't wanted to push the issue too much, so he has been going to the service with us. He can eve sit through the whole thing now (1.5 hours) as long as he has a snack at the praise singing is finished. Our pastor has been preaching through the Book of Revelation for the time that Jonathan has been coming to service. It hasn't scared him, which was my fear, but he has asked some questions about the pictures that have been on the screen such as "Why is that lake red?". Well today, I took him to his class so he could meet his teacher and find out what they were going to be doing today. He stayed in class! He learned a little about Nicodemus, had a snack, got to play and even went out on the playground. He loved it and he even said that he was going to go back again next week! There is a praise!

By the way, I found the super glue!!!

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