Thursday, January 31, 2008


Life is not fair. Why do we (I mean society, and me) insist upon teaching our children that the world is going to be fair to them? We make them share their toys, even when they don't want to because it is the right thing to do. It is being fair. What am I setting my boys up for? Sometimes, it feels like a lot of disappointment is coming their way. The "world" is not going to be fair to my children. They are going to get pushed around some and they need to learn how to deal with that. So, how do we do that when they are so young? I guess for me, I try my best to raise them in the Lord and teach them that life is not always fair. Just because they shared a toy and used their fruits of the Spirit, doesn't mean that a friend is going to do the same. It is tough for me. I want to be fair with them, but I can't be all the time. And maybe that is where the irony is. If the Lord was fair to me, I would get what I always deserved, and there would never be mercy. But, praise Him, He is merciful. So maybe fairness should only have to do with toy trains and cars.

Besides, if life were fair, I would be doing what Jacob is doing now.

He woke me up right before he went to sleep. That is NOT fair!!!

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