Friday, January 25, 2008

Let The Rambilings Begin!

So much to update....

First, I got the best deal on a new outfit today! I went to the mall with a friend to get a couple of trees (the Keep America Beautiful folks were giving out free trees:)) and she wanted to run into New York and Co. When we got to the store, there was a big sign that read "Store Closing. Sale 2.99" Everything in the store, and there wasn't much left, was on sale for $2.99! I found a pair of black pants and a grey and black shirt that will go great with my black boots for only $6.38, including tax! Now to clarify, the chain is not closing, just our store at the mall. What a deal! The outfit should have cost about $60! I am so excited!!!

Second, my shins are about all healed thanks to the help of my wonderful and dear friend Jenny. I was able to run today after taking a week off to let them heal. It felt so good! And thanks to the running, I haven't gained any weight. You see, exercise is not the problem for me. The problem is having constant access to whatever foods I want. And they might not be bad foods. But too much of anything is bad for you. I don't need a trainer. I need a padlock on my fridge and pantry, and a chef. Hey, that would be a nice touch wouldn't it? So, thankfully I am four weeks into a good workout program. I do cardio and weight training 3 times a week. I am hoping to throw in another day of cardio soon.

Third, Wilmington is referred to as Hollywood East. Did you know that? Me neither, until we moved here. Frank has seen several stars during his days growing up here. Me, only one about 6 months ago. He isn't an "A list" actor, but he was in Tombstone. All of that changed for me today. As I was signing Jacob into the Kid's Care at the gym today, one of the workers there said that..................................................Queen Latifah was here!!!! And sure enough, there she was doing crunches! So, I worked out with (and I do use the word "with" quite loosely) the Queen herself today. Pretty cool huh?

Fourth, life is not fair. I will write more about that later, but in the meantime, chew on that. Life isn't fair. Why do we so try to teach our kids to be fair when most people in the world are not going to treat them fairly? And, isn't it great that life isn't fair? Think about it...

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