Thursday, November 6, 2008

On Trying to be Quiet, and Thankful

I'll start with the "thankful" first...just one. My sweet Jakey...every time, and I mean EVERY TIME you give him a kiss, he rubs it in! Seriously! Could he melt my heart anymore than he has? Check him out trying to be all bad!

I have been trying to be still. To be quiet. To be. That is really hard with boys inside the house. And nasty wet weather outside. It seems that I long to "be still and know" in the morning, but it keeps getting upset by the rising children or Manly Man heading out to work. Last Thursday, I actually felt wooed out of bed by a still, sweet, and ever so quiet whisper, to come and sit with Him. It was truly beautiful. To just sit with a cup of coffee and Jesus. I have been trying to stop rattling off my concerns and requests to the Lord, whether they be for others or my family, and trying to listen, to feel. I am not sure what I am hoping for...a stirring in my spirit towards something, an almost audible answer spoken to my heart, a passion to be revealed. I just feel strongly that for me, right now, I need to just sit and listen. For now. Not for later. Now.

I may continue to be quiet in the blog world, as it can be a bit of a distraction at times. Or, I may use this as a tool to work out the stirrings whenever they may come. But for now, I will be quiet.

Blessings to you. And thank you all for your wonderful encouragement in your comments to my previous post! You are awesome!


Sarah said...

I'm glad you're taking the time to be still and listen, Nan. So glad- it is so easy to get caught up in stuff that is nothing. Love you!

Ainsley said...

I hope you use it to work out your "stirrings." =)

But I'm happy that you're trying to stay focused on the most important stuff!

Karen P said...

Hi - now that I am reading, I realize it has been awhile since I wandered in your neck of the web. I am catching up. Loved your post about finding your passion (Jon and I have the same conversation from time to time). I hope you guys come stay with us!

SWIRL said...

I know.. when my boys... take the time or moment to give me a quick snuggle...
I melt like butter..

I try to wake up before they do... so I can have a quiet moment.. to gather myself and thoughts and set my priorities for the day.. but myself in a good place.. mentally- before and the caos starts.