Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Boys and Girls

I have really been struggling with understanding boys lately. They are so much more aggressive than girls, louder than girls, I think more talkative than girls too! I have one sister. No brothers. I love my boys, but I don't get them!
A few nights ago the boys were playing Nascar on our rug. Manly Man got under it so that he could be the hill...

After his turn was up, he asked me if I wanted to do it. I looked at him like he was crazy. I told him that I would lay on my tummy and let them drive cars on my back so I could pretend that I was getting a massage!
See boys and girls are different. Very different. I need to work on my "playing with the boys" skills. Thinking about getting the book Bringing Up Boys also, so I can understand them better.
Have any fun stories about boys and girls?


Tarrah said...

I'm sorry, but my girl would be all over that nascar hilly track :) And I think my daughter my be equalling the same amout of talking skills your boys have :) Lets see if Abe can follow suite. (but with his shoe fettish I just dont know if thats going to happen)

Ainsley said...

Girl, I know exactly what you're talking about. I had an older sister AND a younger brother, but when it's just boys... it's much crazier! I'm a quality timer, so I like to be where my guys are even if I'm not participating. But last night I had to take a book and go upstairs... it was too much.=)

I'm glad you got a massage out of it, though!

Hulls Clan said...

Well in pink girl land over here I deal with playing hairdresser, which in theory sounds nice and it might be when she's a bit older but for now I just have to laugh nervously as I pull all of my hair out of her brush and wonder how long it will be before it all grows back in. Then I have to wonder why in the world did I buy her all of those bows, if only I had known they would ALL in up in my hair at the same time I might have refrained! I'll have to wait until little man gets bigger to become the hill!:)

Laura said...

Yep, boys are DEFINITELY different! It is especially interesting to me to see the differences between the twins. One example that keeps happening lately is Hannah will be playing very nicely with whatever and Samuel will run up, take it away, and RUN as fast as he can away from her as she chases him screaming:)
With two boys and two girls of course there are dolls around here that are lovingly cared for by the girls and whose heads are beaten on the floor by the boys:)
So neat to see how God made them so different!

melissa said...

i love that he was so considerate to ask you if you'd want to get under a rug to let boys and cars drive over you! b/c that's totally my idea of fun. and yes, oh my, do we ever have funny girl vs. boy stories around here. every day is an adventure around here!

McLeod Family said...

Nan - that is too funny because just today I was so sleepy that I laid on the couch and told my son to use me as a hill while he played cars. It was so relaxing and I could just lay there and rest. Now my daughter would just sit in her room and color but NOT my boys they are much too wild for that.

SWIRL said...

I love this post! I know boys are sooo different.
My oldest- when he was just 3 or so .. would always ask me, "hit me mom... come on .. hit me."

and no matter how often I tried to explain... mommy doesn't LIKE hitting he just couldn't understand it.

"just once?"
he would badger me.. until dad came home and they could wrestle.

4funboys said...


the book "Bring up Boys" is AWESOME! It really does help understand how the little guys are wired. I don't think I "get it"... but at least I understand them a little better.