Friday, November 14, 2008

My Kids NEED Your Help!

My boys are "sandwiched out." They can't take another sandwich for lunch. We've done the nugget thing too. Cheese quesadillas. Apples with peanut butter and crackers. Please help me come up with something new and maybe even fun to feed my kids! They would love it! Know that I don't really want to "cook" a lunch...heat up quick is OK but no major cooking allowed. So my question...
What do you feed your kids for lunch?


Amy Sasser said...
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Amy Sasser said...

miniature pizzas on english muffins.fairly simple.cut the muffins in half, add tomato sauce, shredded cheese and any other topping.the kids would probably have fun making them too.
soup is another easy thing.i know they are sandwiched out but have you tried a grilled egg and cheese sandwich or you could mix it up and put it on a bagel.
leftovers from the night before.
i will have to keep thinking.

Caroline said...

I'm having this problem too. I'm done with chicken nuggets, PB & honey, hot dogs, and spaghettio's and so is the redhead. I'd love to know what you find out.

Heather said...

Try letting them 'make' their own lunches. That's REALLY helped at our house, but we don't do cooked lunches. The kids have 'toothpick lunches' where they break up ham, pepperoni, turkey, cheese, pickles, etc. They LOVE toothpicks! Also, yogurt is a quick favorite, micro oatmeal, hummus on bread, crackers, or tortilla. Let us know what you figure out:) BTW...I'd LOVE to take some pics of your boys:)!!

Eve said...

you know with the cooler days I love good soup and the microwave is great for warming it up. I don't obvious have kids to feed lunch but I take my lunch everyday to work, so soup is a nice choice once a while!

Tarrah said...

I've been meaning to comment since I read this and have just now had the moment :)

We do what I like to call "fun plate" around here. A little of everything. I would put a couple crackers with tuna on it, a string cheese, some raisens, a couple almonds, maybe a couple veggies with ranch, and then it's always fun to put a marshmellow or a few chocolate chips on there as a treat.
We also do veggies and pitas with hummus or we sometimes do those little pizza's like the comment above, it's fun to let them make their own pizzas also. And have you ever done pancakes for lunch :)

I hope these ideas help, lunch time is my least favorite meal for this same reason :)

4funboys said...

my boys all like different kinds of sandwiches... so they're on their own to make them.

We do "free choice" alot... which means "take what you like and eat it."

Costco is their favorite place becasue they pick what they like. Taquitoes, bageldogs, etc.

They love breakfast food at lunch too.

Vintagesquirrel said...

One of our standbys for lunch or even dinner is waffles. My kids love waffles any time of the day. Now, there are perfectly good (read: healthy enough) frozen waffles available in all sorts of varieties, so I certainly don't feel guilty about serving them. But I will sometimes make up a batch of homemade (well, actually it's a box mix from Krusteaz) on Sunday with the waffle maker. Then I freeze the leftover waffles to have for the rest of the week.

Nicole said...

i'm always stuck on lunch too, especially now that we don't do sandwiches. (the various gluten free bread i've tried to make have at best been suitable only for cheese toast.) so here are a few more ideas:

eggs (scrambled or hard boiled)

cold cuts rolled up with cheese

yogurt and granola

pasta with frozen veggies and parmesan cheese

soup (you could make a big pot on the weekend and heat it up for lunch throughout the week)

hope you're feeling more inspired about filling those bellies!