Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Little Early For This

So my sweet, just turned six year old boy, Jonathan had a great time playing at the park today. I took the boys out to enjoy the upper 70's that are so unseasonable for us. After going to pick a paint color for their room we headed to a favorite park of ours. They boys always do really well finding other kids to play with and today was no exception. As we were leaving, he said "bye" to the little girl that he as playing with. (He called her a princess the whole they were playing too!) He asked her for her phone number! Seriously! I almost peed in my pants! Isn't it too early for this??? I love you Jonathan and you will break some hearts I am sure, but lets not be in such a rush!


Jennifer said...

Haha! Hang on, it's quite a ride!

Hulls Clan said...

Guess I better start teaching my Lilly so lines to shoot back in the line of "NO!!!!" and start working on a good right hook to beat the boys back! Who knew it would start so young?! Did the girl give him her number? ;)

Holly said...

That is so funny!! I love it! I'm not ready for that one either side... with Luke asking for other girls numbers - I'm the only girl in his life right now!! And I'm not ready for boy to be asking my little baby girl for her number! We may have to move to Alaska!!