Friday, September 25, 2009

It might not be fancy...

We bought our home 4 and a half years ago. It was new. No custom painting. Carpet throughout, including under the table area (!!!!), and not fancy carpet at that. Everything about out house screamed "builder." We were totally OK with that.
Four and a half years later, builder grade carpet doesn't look so pretty.

Four and a half years later, builder beige in flat finish is looking a little, OK a lot, dirty.

Four and a half years later, our home needs a little help. OK, a lot of help. Thankfully nothing too expensive, like a new roof or AC.

We have been tackling some projects around the house, SLOWLY!

A year and a half ago, we painted our kitchen. A year ago, we put knobs on our kitchen cabinets (see, told you it was SLOW!).

Manly Man and I have been wanting to make the boys room special...something fun for them. About three weeks ago, I bought paint and painted their room. We finally finished putting it all together yesterday.

(Frank's extra helmet and old mask)

(Frank's shield, patch, and life saving medals from his time with Greensboro FD, yes something is falling in the shadow box!)

(Model fire trucks the boys got, and their baseball trophies)

We are also cleaning out, decluttering, and try to make our home a little nicer.

We really would love to rip up the carpet and put in hardwoods or laminates, especially with Jonathan's allergies, but that costs too much right now and we just aren't going to do it.

Our home might not be fancy. It might not (OK, definitely won't) win any awards for home designs. The carpet might look tie-dyed. And smushed. But it is our home. It is lived in, a lot. And we live in it well. We homeschool in it, which means more people are in our home more hours a day than if we didn't homeschool. So even though our home isn't all cute...I am learning to accept it for what it truly is...our haven. Our safe place to fall. Our sanctuary.


melissa said...

i love that you used Frank's firefighter stuff! i'm sure the boys are all about that!! it's so fun to do little things to make it feel just a little bit more homey! great job!!

Tarrah said...

You home is very welcoming and warm. Just what a home should be :)

Jennifer said...

My boys would LOVE your boys' room! Awesome! Ya know what? Even with next to no carpet, which is chilly in the winter, I might add- our house is our haven too. Just can't wait to get it the way I want it!

Caroline said...

That is really special that you decorated the boys room with all their daddy's stuff. I can't wait to see the house in person...and you in person!

Carrie said...

That is a perfect boys room! Your home is exactly what homes are supposed to be-the place were your family learns and grows together. A little piece of Heaven on earth! I love this post! You are exactly the mom I always pictured you being. Your boys are very lucky!