Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Weekly Weigh-In

I knew this week was going to be not so great. Since I don't have a scale inside my house anymore, I wasn't sure what to expect. I didn't track my food very well, at all! That being said, I gained 1.2 pounds. I am still down 2.4, so I am OK. I told my friend Caroline that I wasn't hopeful for the week since I ate without accountability and that is the action that caused me to have to go back to WW. So, I am committing to tracking this week. I usually do great until supper for some reason. I might even keep it up on the blog...have to think about that one!
Thanks for all the encouragement!


Holly said...

Nan - keeping track of what I eat is the hardest part - of course other than actually exercising - of lossing weight for me! So pretty much that makes it all hard! But I know when you do keep up with it - it goes better! Good luck and I'm proud of you girl!!!

Caroline said...

Keep up the good hard work. We're in this together remember?

Hope Jonathan is feeling better today!

emily said...

Hi Nan! (I just typed Nana on accident...sorry :) I saw your comment on Kari's post about Jillian. I'm a biggest loser fan too. But Bob would have my head, as I am one of those who watches with a bowl of ice cream. I'm the worst.