Monday, January 5, 2009

Back To The Grind

I have enjoyed a month off from homeschooling. We start back today. I am not sure how I feel about that. Some mixed feelings I guess. I am ready to get back to it so that I can finish the curriculum that I started back in August. The boys need some structure back in their lives. So do I. I am anxious about what to do with Jacob. He could give up his nap, but I really enjoy having a break from the craziness that is Jacob. I am debating starting to work with him on writing his name and just a few other things. Also, our schedule is different every day so I tried to find a time to have school, at the same time. The result? 1pm. Not really sure how I feel about that. But, at least there will be some consistency.

Our school schedule, in terms of the year, will be three months on, one month off and we will be having school Monday thru Thursday and every other Friday. I am hoping that this will allow for more time with friends, mine and theirs:)!

I have started back to Weight Watchers and will keep you posted on my weight loss progress. I am impressed with their new long as I can embrace it. I am having some tests run and if there is anything to report, I will, if it is appropriate.

I am starting on the venture of reading through the Bible this year also.

My plate may seem full, but I feel really good about all of these things this year. The daily schedule of school might be the only thing that I am feeling iffy about. So, there it is!
Back to the daily grind!



Holly said...

oh yes, the grind - always offering stability at the same time it makes us feel "closed in" which I think is why we're always hopeing for summer, right?! Well I think it sounds like you have a great school plan going. And I think (as a teacher now) that as long as Jacob is napping - let him nap! He can learn to write his name and all the other things he needs to learn while he's NOT napping!

Love WW - did it many a year ago - good luck with it!!

Miss ya girl! Love ya!

Eve said...

I think that you are going to be just fine! Joe and I did Weight Watchers and both had great results and then I got pregnant:) I am also starting to read the bible from cover to cover and hopefully won't stray from it once Cameron gets here.

Many Blessings on your schedule!