Monday, April 28, 2008

My First Meme

OK, I got tagged by Jennifer over at Blessings From Above for a meme. So for those of you who are wondering what a meme is, my best guess is to read the word like Me, Me. Kind of like, all about me! Jennifer, my apologies that it has taken soooo long! I have had my list of "5 classes I wish they had taught in school" for about a week or so, but have been lazy, busy, you name it. But, here they are...

1. How to go back to sleep quickly.
Having a 3 year old who still wakes up to go to the potty makes it hard to get any good length of sleep. But, I have hope and he at least he is not wetting his bed!
2. How to live on a shoestring budget.
I think that is self-explanatory.
3. How to rest.
I keep hearing, and am experiencing myself, about people just needing to slow down and rest and not being able to do that or even know how to do that.
4. How to organize and not have clutter!
I hate clutter and try to get rid of it, but I think that it is seriously attracted to me. My husband asked me the other day if some close friends of ours house ever looked like ours. Yikes!
5. Discipline 101.
When I first started teaching 10th and 11th graders, fresh out of college at a young 22 years of age, I had a really hard time with discipline. Now it is with my kids though. We do OK, but it is a tough road to hoe sometimes.

OK. There you have if Jennifer! Sorry it took so long!

I tag Caroline, Heather, and Sarah for a MEME. Name 5 classes you wish they had taught in school!

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Blessings From Above said...

Great meme! I can relate to ALL of your classes, but in particular #3 and #4. It seems like I never slow down, and even when I don't have to necessarily go or be somewhere there are a hundred things that need done at home. I have really been thinking lately that I have to "schedule" an hour or two a week to just get away. Something simple like going to Starbucks by myself...enjoying a yummy drink while reading the bible would be a perfect hour spent. And a great way to "rest."

I hate clutter as well, but it seems to be EVERYWHERE in my house. If it makes you feel any better, I think all homes with kids have clutter, it's impossible not to. Or at least that’s what I tell my husband! :)

Congrats on a FANTASTIC meme!