Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Currently Annoyed!

So, as I am laying in bed last night, watching the 10 o'clock news, I hear that my water district is under a "boil water advisory." A what? Apparently, a water main broke and there may have been some "suck back" (my words, not theirs) of some water which could cause there to be bacteria in the water. What? So, as I lay there, I wondered, "when did this happen, cause we all drank water today and tonight?" I get out of the bed and find out that the warning was issued at like 7pm last night. Just in time for both of my boys "last sip of water" before bed. And, I had been chugging the stuff all day. Well, the line has been repaired. But, they aren't expecting to rescind the order until tomorrow. So, for cooking, hand washing and brushing teeth, we are supposed to boil water first. This is so frustrating. I walked the loop at the beach today with my sister in law and I am nasty and want a shower. They didn't say not to take a shower. But I am supposed to think that it is OK to take a shower with nasty bacteria water and not wash my hands? I THINK NOT! So, instead, I sit here with nasty sweaty bacteria. Hey, at least I know it is my own and no someone else's. I just grossed myself out!


Caroline said...

Eeeeeewwww! Please don't take my not wanting to talk on the phone thing personally. I'll call you soon!

Blessings From Above said...

Yucky! Hope the problem gets fixed soon. Hang in there!

melissa said...

i haven't been on in a while and just got caught up with you - well, your blog. =) it's taking forever to type this comment b/c asher's climbing all over me. but anyway, that's fun about frank being coach! river is on a soccer team, but only likes being the goalie. she said, "that feels much better!" after being in there verses being in the field where everyone is kicking and running at once. hope you all are clean again, and have a great weekend!