Wednesday, April 9, 2008

For Caroline...

My dear friend Caroline called me today for one reason. Was it to check on how my boys were feeling after having been sick? No. Was it to check on me and see how I was holding up after my boys having been sick? No. Was it just to say "hi"? No. Her one reason for calling me was to see why I hadn't updated my blog lately. Yep, that is right folks. I felt the love through the phone too! Caroline, I love you girl! I just had to harass you a little!

OK, reasons I haven't blogged...

1. Concerned that nobody cares what I am even writing about, or that I am even writing for that matter. (NOT meant as a guilt trip at all!!)
2. Jonathan finally is well. It wasn't strep. It was a virus. And Jacob got it on Sunday. Day 4 of a fever was today and it is finally gone (I pray!).
3. The boys are on Spring Break from preschool, so I have needed to do more parenting things.
4. I haven't done more parenting things and the guilt of sitting in front on the computer (mostly checking on Nate, Tricia, and Gwyneth) has started to get to me and I have felt like a bad mom.
5. I had a garden to plant.
6. I had a birthday party to plan. Jacob turns 3 this Monday.
7. I have been watching Biggest Loser on Tuesday nights.
8. I think I lost my brain at some point in time on Sunday night/ Monday morning. It must have fallen out one of the 10 or so times that I got up with sick Jakey.
9. I haven't wanted to.
10. Homeschooling has been on the brain a lot and that takes up a lot of research time.

So, there are my 10 reasons. I know they are silly. But, they are all true in some way, shape or form.

Now, for the joys of my youngest boy...Jonathan had wee ball practice tonight and I didn't have the energy to go to the practice and play with Jacob, so we hung out here. He was very upset that he couldn't go. I took him for ice cream and that made it all better. When he got home, he saw a bird in the neighbors bush. He growled at him. Yes, growled. I have mentioned before that he likes to growl? His favorite time? When I am in Walmart and he is in the cart and we are passing someone. He growls at them!!! If that isn't a joy, I don't know what is! Then, as I tucked him into bed tonight, he asked me to snuggle him. Pure Joy!


Caroline said...

Nan, thanks for making me look like a tool. I DO care about you and the boys, but I also love your blog and want to know what's going on. See, I find things out like Jonathan liking to growl, you never tell me that stuff over the phone, I have to find out on your blog.

Heather said...

Nan...just wanted to let you know that I care about your blog:) I feel like I'm getting to know you guys all over again:)! Caroline is addicted to blogging-just like me!!

NikkiLane said...

Hi Nan,
I am so glad Caro called you b/c I to was wondering. It is good to see you are doing so well. Not sure if you remember me exactly from UNCG.
I have 2 boys so I love to see and hear the things I have to look forward to.

La Familia Garcia said...

Humm..I just thought you wanted to leave up the heart melter of your son blowing a kiss to God. That was good.

Sleepless in Greensboro said...

I love reading your blog! It helps me keep in touch with you. I can't reply to each one, but I read each one and either laugh, smile, or nod in agreement! Love you, friend!

MilePost13 said...